Scrap the Phone Bill Blues for a Whole Year with Limited Edition ALDImobile Special Buys!

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Whether you’re a social media addict or an ABC iView binge-watching-toddler, if heavy-duty mobile phone use has taken you to the dark side of billing it’s time to check out ALDImobile’s latest Special Buys out Saturday 4th February!

It’s no secret at Mum Central we are big, big fans of ALDI. From our enthusiasm for their Special Buys to our downright worship of their nappies and wipes, is there anything they can’t do? Well when we were asked to check out this super exciting offering from ALDImobile we really put it through its paces – and we loved it!

Let us tell you why you need to know about ALDImobile 1 Year Super Pack!

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What is it you ask? ALDImobile’s 1 Year Super Pack is an ALDI Special Buys on sale Saturday 4th February 2017! It’s a way to prepay your mobile for a whole year at one super-affordable, set price. The deal is amazing at just $249 for 365 days and includes unlimited standard calls, texts, MMS and a whopping 42 GB of data. Should you actually need more data you can add additional value and if you’re looking for add-ons like international roaming or overseas calls these are flexible to purchase. Best of all you can use the data however you like over 365 days, rather than being capped to a monthly limit. It’s simple, amazing value and it’s only available as a Special Buy!

So, why is this Special Buy so special? There’s so many reasons this is a great deal. Here’s what you need to know…

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Everyone’s favourite thing about prepaid means there’s no unpleasant surprises. You’ve paid upfront and there’s never another dollar to spend for the whole year. Perfect for budgeting and awesome for your kids or teens! A whopping great bill can make your blood run cold and your palms feel sweaty. With ALDImobile 1 Year Super Pack there’s no chance of this happening ever. Zip, nada, zilch. Say goodbye to bill shock!

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The days of prepaid mobile being lesser bang-for-buck are over. ALDImobile packs some serious value with this Special Buy. Even better, the inclusions are super easy to understand, there’s no extensive sub clauses, annoying small stars everywhere or complex terms and conditions.

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Even competing against the bigger telco brands, ALDI has dominated with the following wins; “Most Satisfied Customers for Prepaid Mobile” for the 2nd year running in 2016 with CANSTAR Blue (receiving a perfect five star score), “Best Value Prepaid Mobile – Low Usage” for their Pay As You Go Plan with Money Magazine 2016 and Roy Morgan’s Morgan’s “Mobile Phone Service Provider of the Year” in 2015. The ALDImobile 1 Year Super Pack  Special Buys is an exciting new offering from this highly awarded carrier.


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Don’t be afraid that switching to ALDImobile means you’ll be receiving a lesser coverage or download speeds. ALDImobile delivers exactly the same service offering as the bigger name telcos. The only difference is that it’s actually without monthly payments, is more affordable and better value. Plus, ALDImobile gives you the option to keep your mobile number. Kind of seems like a no brainer right?

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ALDImobile offers a simple to use online support system. You’ll be impressed to know that ALDImobile actually has the highest proportion of digital recharge at over 81%. You’re not paying for fancy shop fronts everywhere but you’re supported with just what you need. There’s extensive FAQ pointers, easy to use online activation and both email and a free-call support centre. Everything you need and nothing more.

[mc_block_title custom_title=”ALDImobile means extra money to spend on something else”]

We all get that the family budget can be a complex balancing act. Or maybe you just hate paying more than you need to for anythingThat’s why we think it’s time you checked out ALDImobile 1 Year Super Pack. There are shoes, holidays and more ALDI Special Buys you could be spending that saved cash on! Do your homework and compare the deal with other carriers. We’re confident you’ll see just how much you could save. You’d kind of be nuts not to right?


If you’re excited about the ALDImobile 1 Year Super Pack Special Buy you need to circle the calendar right now! Saturday 
4th February 2017 is the big day. If you’re sick of paying OTT for a mobile phone, here’s your chance to reclaim your budget and join an award-winning service! See you in line at ALDI!

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    Kristy Lee Coles Reply

    This is my secret to getting a cheap deal on pre paid I buy a $30 Optus pack that is sometimes on special at Safeway or Coles for $10 so I usually buy 5 of these when they are this price and wait till they go back on special again so I end up paying $10 a month instead of $30 and I get unlimited calls and text and 2gb of data I think that how much so it’s a great deal for the whole family you can sometimes get vodaphone packs half price but the Optus ones are always a great price at$10 for a $30 starter pack, some ppl don’t like having to put a new sim in there phone but if you don’t mind ringing up and setting it up it takes l5 to 10 mins I have had some calls take only 2 mins plus you can keep your mobile number you just say you are replacing a sim that’s my tip to getting cheap pre paid credit

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