Ritz-Carlton Guest Sues Hotel After Staff Served Sperm Water

Trigger warning: This article contains mention of sperm water. Yes. Sperm water. Prepare to be just a little bit grossed out.

Picture this. You’ve booked a fancy $800-a-night hotel in California with your hubby. You’re in town to visit your daughter, and you’re looking forward to a bit of luxury away from home. However, one evening, as you return to the hotel room and open the mini fridge, you notice you’re all out of water. So you ring down to reception and ask for more. 

A hotel employee arrives shortly after with hotel-branded water bottles. You graciously thank the employee and get ready for bed, leaving one of the water bottles on your bedside table in case you get thirsty.

In the middle of the night, you wake up and take a sip of the water. It leaves a funny taste in your mouth, and you’re not sure why. Something tastes…off.  Is it chemicals? Perhaps. But it tastes a bit different to chemicals…

Yep. Because it’s sperm. Sperm water, to be exact. 


What’s in the water?

This real-life horror story is playing out right now for an American couple. The pair have chosen to keep their identity anonymous (hence Jane and John Doe). They were staying at the fancy Ritz-Carlton Hotel, a Marriot International Hotel in Half Moon Bay, California.

One of the guest rooms at Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay. Source: Ritz-Carlton

Jane first thought the water could be contaminated with some sort of chemical, claiming that the taste and texture were off.  But then had suspicions that it could be tainted with spunk.  


Free night in exchange for drinking sperm water 

Once they worked out what it might have been, naturally, she and her husband were pretty disgusted at the hotel.

While the hotel allegedly tried to sweep it under the rug, Jane and John Doe got the police involved and requested a sample of the contaminated water be taken. Unfortunately for Jane, testing confirmed that what she drank was, indeed, human sperm water. Lovely.  

Hotel Management offered them a free night and reward points (really?!) but the couple, who have stayed in Marriot hotels for decades and amassed over 600 nights with the group, weren’t too keen to take up that offer. After all, the woman had just unwillingly drunk a hotel employee’s sperm.

Reward points probably won’t cut it. 

A sticky legal mess

Now, the couple are in the midst of a lawsuit against the hotel, hoping to recover damages from Marriot International and Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC. The lawsuit claims:

One of the hotel’s employees ejaculated his semen into a Ritz-Carlton labeled water bottle, delivered it to Jane and John Doe’s room, and Jane Doe then drank the semen-contaminated water before she realized it had been defiled by a criminal deviant and that she had been sexually assaulted.”

As for the sperm donor? It is also unknown who he is at this stage. According to the lawsuit, at least 10 defendants are unidentified because the hotel company allegedly refused to identify employees present that weekend to the couple and local law enforcement. The couple also alleges that the hotel won’t hand over the contaminated water bottle, which is delaying the investigation. 

We’re not sure if the sperm donor has even been stood down from his job or if he’s still employed, swimmingly serving other guests. 

The couple are hoping the courts will be able to identify the sperm donor and ensure he is prosecuted. The couple also requested Marriott put in place better screening processes when hiring new employees. They also want a  jury trial to recover damages from Marriott International and Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company LLC.

Kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth, doesn’t it? 

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