‘We are no Different to Anyone Else’ – Tattooed Dad Speaks Out about Being Called a Monster

Richard Huff got his first tattoo at 17. From there his love of tattoos  – as well as his love for children – grew and grew. Richard now has over 240 tattoos covering close to 90% of his body. He is also a father to seven children, including two-year-old twin boys with his wife, Marita Huff.

Richard - the tattoed dad - and wife Marita
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The confessed “ink addict” tattooed dad admits that he and his wife both get judged by their appearances, especially Richard who has several face tattoos. On his face alone he has his daughter’s lips, footprints of his children, names of his children and an added mouth. He also has his eyes and most of his nose completely darkened.

Tattooed Dad - face tattoos
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Ink fever

Richard and Marita recently shared their story with Truly, admitting that they’ve been called “horrible parents” and “monsters” by strangers online.

“It became an addiction, I started with my legs and worked my way up,” Richard explains about his love of ink. “I want to be 100% covered in tattoos probably within the next four years. I don’t know if it’s the pain or the artwork that you put on you, but it just becomes fascinating when you’re able to do this.”

Marita is also a lover of tattoos and has several herself but says her face is off-limits.

‘He’s not scary, he’s good with tattoos’ 

Understandably, children may be a little confused or frightened by Richard’s appearance. Richard admits that the kids at his children’s school will often get scared of his face.

Richard’s daughter shared, “They say, ’ah it’s a bit scary’ and I say ’no, my dad is not scary, he is good with tattoos.’”

But for Richard’s kids, his tattoos are normal.

“It would be scary for them to see me without tattoos,” he said. “Having tattoos does not scare my children, it does not make me a bad father, it makes my kids get a different perspective on life.”

Tattooed Dad - Richard Huff
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Plenty of judgement 

When Marita first met him, she also judged him based on his tattooed look.

“I thought I was going to get robbed,” she joked.“I did judge Richard based on his looks at first but as I got to know him a little bit, he is actually a big-hearted person.”

Marita also opens up that the worst comments the couple receive online are the ones made against their parenting.

“They kind of judge Richard’s ability as a father.” 

Tattooed dad Richard Huff
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Comments the couple receive online include things like:

  • “How did you choose a monster to be your child’s father?”
  • “This is not fatherly.”
  • “He’s an embarrassment to you and your family.”
  • “I would cry if I had a dad like that.”
  • “I just hope your kids don’t come out looking tatted like that.” 
  • “I feel bad for the kids to see the monster you’re dating.

Richard and Marita take the negativity in stride and can laugh at some of the things people say about them online.

“My ability to be a father with my tattoos does not step in my way. I participate in the PTA, I go to all my kids’ functions,” Richard adds.

“If somebody can make negative comments like that, there’s something wrong with them themselves that they would have to judge somebody else. This is what we did and we’re happy. We’ve been together six years our kids are happy and to us, that’s all that matters.”

Richard also hopes that if his children decide they want tattoos, they start with the legs first. Neck and arms are off-limits until they know about the career they want and can have tattoos in their line of work. We’ve shared a few other stories in the past where people have been fired from their jobs due to their tattoos including this tattooed kindergarten teacher. 

“My hope for my family is that people understand that we are no different than anyone else. That I love my children with all my heart and I love my wife.” 

Marita often posts about her beautiful family’s antics on her social media including TikTok. You can check out their full interview at Truly.

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