Money Hungry Dog Eats $4000 in Notes, Poops Most of it Out

Who needs a money tree when you’ve got a dog that poops $50 notes?

Seven-year-old Goldendoodle Cecil is pooping out the next best thing to gold nuggets after eating several bills left on his owner’s kitchen counter.

Dog eats $4000 leaving owners and vet shocked

Clayton and Carrie Law, Cecil’s owners, placed $4,000 in cash on their counter, waiting to be stowed away. Before the pair got a chance to put the money somewhere safe, their well-behaved pup decided to eat the notes.

Dog eats $4000
Source: Instagram

It had only been about 30 minutes since retrieving the funds from their local bank that Cecil got money-hungry and went for gold.

“This dog, I swear to God, has never touched anything in his life,” Carrie, 33, told the Pittsburgh City Paper.

“Suddenly Clayton yelled to me, ‘Cecil’s eating $4,000!!!!!’ I thought, ‘I cannot be hearing that.’ I almost had a heart attack,” she added.

$4,000 in notes cannot be a good diet for a dog so the panicked couple rushed Cecil to the vet. Given his size, Cecil was able to be monitored at home, pooping money for days.

Cecil didn’t eat every single note but we did take a fair chunk of the cash. The rest of the cash was left in pieces.

The bank told the couple that, surprisingly, dogs eating cash does happen often. Could they get some of their losses back? As long as the serial number on the bills was visible, the bank would take back the chewed money. 

World’s most expensive dog poop

Carrie and Clayton then spent days sifting through the torn pieces and waiting for Cecil to poop out their money.

There we are at the utility sink,” Carrie said to the City Paper. “[We were] washing this shitty money, yelling ‘Yay! Yes! We got one!’ It smelled so bad.”

dog eats $4000
Source: Instagram

After sifting through the torn pieces – both from outside and inside Cecil, the couple were able to tape together almost all of the money. They only lost $450! 

The Laws posted a video about the incident to Instagram, where news of Cecil’s misadventures quickly went viral.

dog eats $4000
What a messy job! Source: Instagram

Even more dog misadventures

One thing the couple have certainly learned from the ordeal is that a hungry dog and a stack of cash don’t mix! Dogs will eat about anything, especially in their puppy stage. One mum shared a scary story about her dog eating several of her baby’s dummies.

At first new mum Jean thought baby brain was to blame for constantly misplacing her baby’s dummies. However, one morning her greyhound dog seemed a bit out of sorts. She watched as he threw up 13 pacifiers – 13!!! Jean immediately rushed her pet to the vet where they gave him an emergency X-ray to reveal another pacifier in his small intestine.

mum central
Source: Facebook

The vet performed emergency surgery to remove the collection of dummies and found one more in the pup’s stomach. So 15 dummies in total! Scary!

If you are after a yummy snack for your dog, check out this epic ‘barkuterie’ board – a charcuterie board for your dog, complete with grocery store treats and homemade snacks. This board is pawfect (see what I did there?) for sharing with other pups. Because I’m not the only one who gives my dog a birthday party, right? RIGHT.

barkuterie board
Barkuterie board for the win! Source: Supplied

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