Woman Hired and Fired From “Dream Job” Because of Her Tattoos

Should tattoos stop you from being hired for a job? This woman was hired for her dream job when it all took a disastrous turn within minutes.

UK resident Claire Shepherd says she was sacked only half an hour after being offered her “dream job” as a retail merchandiser because her new employers at Dee Set had a strong stance on visible tattoos.

HIRED! Claire NAILS the interview

With several years of managerial position experience under her belt, Claire nailed the phone interview for the retail merchandiser position with Dee Set. The hiring officers were so impressed with Claire that they announced that she had the position and could start next week upon completion of their call.

Following the call, the UK company sent Claire a routine email explaining dress standards. When reading it, Claire noted that all tattoos must be covered up “as they may cause offence”.

Thinking maybe it was an outdated email, she promptly emailed the company back, explaining that she had hand tattoos and that she hoped it wouldn’t affect the job. But oh, boy.

tattoo discrimination
Not able to cover up hand tattoos. Definitely not unless a glove-wearing role. Source: Facebook

And then it seems the opportunity of a lifetime crumbled

Upon Claire’s revelation, the company was quick to dismiss her, stating they’d no longer be employing her as she would not be able to cover up her tattoos. SAY WHAT? Disgusting? Absolutely.

Physical and tattoo discrimination is unbelievable in this day and age where tattooing is quite common among the young and old. Do you think companies have a right to knock you back because of your appearance when you’re otherwise capable of doing the job?

tattoo discrimination
There’s no denying, Claire has a LOT of permanent ink. Source: Facebook

Not the first time tattoos took a hit

This isn’t the first time tattoo discrimination has been a thing. Sylvain Helaine is a walking, talking $45,000 tattoo canvas and was ultimately banned from being a kindergarten teacher because his tattoos and darkened eyes were deemed too scary for young kids.

Are people really THAT offended or negatively impacted by another person’s choice of appearance? The internet is divided, I’m sure!

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    Her tattoos don’t change how well she can do her job. Not like she has swear words on her knuckles.

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