VIDEO: Little Girl’s Tearful Rant About Lockdown Hits ALL the Feels

As Victorians return to the realm of lockdown, homeschooling and necessary outings only, the emotions are running high.

Many Victorians we’ve spoken to are scared about falling sick and losing income, rightfully so. Many are stressed about having to homeschool again. And most are mad that a select few RUINED it for everyone else.

We totally get it. But no one gets it more than four-year-old Blake, who shares her lockdown frustrations on a Facebook video that has since gone viral.

Little girl’s lockdown video hits home

Dad, Ben McLennan shared her daughter’s dinner table rant on his Facebook page. He actually recorded it three months ago, but only shared it recently.

The reason it resonates so well? Because little Blake’s rant is SOOO relatable. Sure, Blake’s biggest concern is the Macca’s playground being shut, but, it can’t be easy for them to watch their little worlds go through such a massive change.

She’s basically just a mini version of us airing our frustrations about this stupid lockdown. Replace “Maccas” with “pub” and I swear I had the same dinner conversation with my partner three months ago.

It’s also a bit heartbreaking too. It’s sad to see just how lockdown is negatively impacting our children.

‘All the things that is open, is NOTHING.’

As a clearly upset Blake explains,

Everything in this town has to shut all the way down. The ice cream truck is shut down. And the water jug place is shut down which is my favourite place.

We can’t go anywhere! Not even McDonald’s, which is my favourite restaurant.”

As her dad points out, they can still go through the drive-thru, but we all know that’s not the same, including Blake.

What’s also upsetting her, other than the whole town being shut? Well, she is upset that she can’t get toys and candy at church.

It’s just not fair.”

No, sweet child, it’s really not.

As Blake cries her frustrations out, her parents patiently listen, letting their daughter let it all out and explaining that it won’t be forever.

Blake seems to perk up by the end of her rant, casually asking her parents if she can play on the iPad tomorrow and flashing them an adorably cheeky grin.

Oh, kids and their innocence. Don’t you want to just bottle it up and sell it?

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