12 of the Best Things About Babies Born in June


Are you baking a June baby? We’ve got some great news for you! According to science and the zodiac, June babies are destined for some pretty cool things.

Not only do June babies have a great attitude and BIG personalities, but they are also more likely to sleep. Check out all the fun facts we’ve uncovered about babies born in June.

1. Four words. Not pregnant in summer.

Which means you don’t have to spend the final days of pregnancy melting in the summer heat.


2. Winter babies for the win!

Once your June baby is born, you also don’t have to worry about breastfeeding in stickiness or swaddling an infant while it’s 45 degrees outside. Instead, you can enjoy a cooler recovery complete with warm slippers and blankets and you can stock up on adorable newborn beanies!

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3. Best birthday month!

Moving forward, June is an awesome month to celebrate a birthday, especially as most of the big toy sales occur in June!

4. They (may) actually sleep!

According to science, babies born in the colder months are better sleepers. Let’s hope!

5. They give the best cuddles

June babies are the affectionate ones of the bunch. They love kisses, and cuddles and will grow up to be the ones who love romance.

6. They can smell lies

Okay, not exactly, but those born in the sixth month have a somewhat sixth sense when it comes to bullshit. This intuition will work in their favour but it can actually be a bit of a flaw for us parents of June babies. Our little ones may be able to tell when we’re lying to them about there not being any chocolate in the house.

7. They could take home a Nobel prize

Nobel winners are more likely to be June babies than any other month of the year. Now, we’re not saying your June baby is guaranteed to win one or anything, but, you might as well make room on the trophy shelf, you know, just in case.

8.  They’ve got the Zodiac in their corner

June babies are either Gemini (May 21-June 21) or Cancer (June 21-July 22), ruled by Mercury or the Moon and are air and water signs. According to the zodiac, Geminis are imaginative, generous and affectionate. Cancers are loyal, intuitive and dependable.

8. They’re full of ideas

Some are crazy, some are clever but all of them are sure to keep you on your toes. People born in June are known for their creative minds and curious natures.

9. Endless possibilities down the road

June babies are blessed with intelligence, inquisitiveness, kindness and creativity which makes for plenty of great career options in fun industries like travel, business, law, nursing and teaching.

10. There are heaps of super cute “June” inspired baby names

Juno. Winter. Pearl (June’s birthstone), Alex or Alexa (June’s other birthstone is Alexandrite), Rose (June’s flower). Check out some of our other favourite names for babies born in each month. 

11. Finally, June babies are all a bundle of fun!

June babies score high on the optimism charts (similar to March and April babies) and are known for their social butterfly tendencies. They love a chat and an adventure which means you’ll never be bored with your little June baby by your side!

Expect plenty of belly laughs as you watch your little wonder grow, learn and delight you each and every day. You and your little June bug have got a fun journey ahead of you!

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