9.  Make an on-the-go meal kit, adding plastic utensils and napkins! Stash it somewhere handy (such as the glove box) for mid-trip munching.

An Organized Car In Time For Summer Travel


10.  If you’ve got a plastic cereal container, you have a mobile trash can for your car!

A cereal container is the perfect no-spill trash can.

DIVIDER11. Use a shoe organizer or a hand-crafted over-the-seat stash system to keep toys, DVDs and other car trip treasures organised.

One pink skull car caddy with black pockets

DIVIDER12. Transform a clear plastic box into a traveling Lego set, for in-car fun!

Lego To Go Kit

DIVIDER13. Make a healthy on-the-go car snack with a mostly empty peanut butter container and veggies.

DIVIDER14. Suction shower caddies onto the window to keep small toys, craft supplies and other items in reach.

DIVIDER15. Keep the kids busy (and footprints off of the seats) with a kick mat tablet holder/organiser combo.

DIVIDER16. Fill a tackle box with all kinds of crafty supplies (add anything from modeling clay to feathers) for the kids to play with en route.

DIVIDER17. Buy a second tackle box and fill it with snacks instead!


DIVIDER18. Take those old insulated baby bottle bags and use them to keep sippy cups or juice cold.

DIVIDER19. Use a bigger tub to store sandwich-sized bags of snacks and boxes of treats.


So what did you think? Please tell us in the comments below what you do to ensure that your road trips are hassle free and the kids are kept amused?

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