That’s a Wrap! The TikTok Trend Turning Us All into Lunch Artists

The wrap challenge – not to be confused with Cardi B’s WAP challenge, is the latest (delicious) trend taking over TikTok and it’s turning everyone into a wrap-making artist.

In a revolutionary movement, this wrap making technique completely omits that fiddly, awkward, never-stays-together ‘rolling’ of the wrap to hold in the filling. Instead, a simple cut along the radius of the wrap bread is the mind-blowing solution.

Note: This is also going to make eating wraps a heck load easier for young kids! #getinmybelly

The wrap revolutionised in 2021

One cut is all it takes for this lunch revolution.

With your wrap on a flat surface (preferably a chopping board), simply slice from the centre, along the radius (a quarter cut). Then, looking at the wrap in quarters, place your fillings in each quarter. Fold the wrap in a clockwise movement to encase the filling of each quarter and PRESTO!

wrap trend
Fold, NOT ROLL. Genius! Source: TikTok


At this point, you can eat it as is or you can toast it to be EXTRA smug in your new-found sandwich-artist ways. Fillings can be as easy as double layers of ham and cheese, it’s still going to be a fancy pants sandwich wrap.

wrap trend
That’s a wrap! Source: TikTok

Need a quick run-through? Check out my favourite TikTok foodie, Cooking With Ayeh below. She nails a chicken version which, though an early call, I’m sure I could quite comfortably see 2021 out on…

@cookingwithayehRevolutionary Lunch Wrap! ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##foodtiktok ##wrap ##lunch♬ Taste It – Ikson

But wait, there’s more!

And because we’re already being completely extra in the first week of the new year – say goodbye to that New Year, new healthy me mantra – here’s a dessert version featuring oozing Nutella. You’re welcome. Hey, it DOES have fruit in it!

mum central
The dessert wrap, featuring Nutella and peanut butter. Source: TikTok

What do you think? Will you be busting out your sandwich press to give this sandwich wrap trend a go yourself?

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