Wife Makes Husband Hilarious Vasectomy Gift – Labels it Snip, Snip Hooray Box

What do you get your partner booked in for a vasectomy? A snip, snip, hooray box … it’s the ultimate vasectomy care package that’s just the perfect recovery offering. There’s no dropping the ball on this epic gift-giving concept … what a clever idea!

If your family and your kid count are complete, a vasectomy is often part of the course for families. It’s a permanent contraceptive choice and straightforward, quick, and as a result, makes contraception one less thing for anyone to have to think about on a daily basis or in the heat of the moment. YAY FOR A VASECTOMY!

Alas, sometimes the blokes aren’t quite so keen, are they?

Can vouch for this vasectomy attitude. via GIPHY

My husband had a vasectomy last year and while I was sympathetic (to a point) I was perhaps a little dismissive of this quick surgical procedure. After all, I have carried and pushed three humans from my body. And then I got to take them home and look after them while wincing from my bruised and battered lady garden.

Did I remind him of childbirth? Maybe just once. Three times, maximum. Softening the blow with humour may have been a better approach!

This vasectomy care package is perfect for your guy’s package

So after enduring childbirth, half-day “in-and-out vasectomy surgery” looks like a walk in the park to most of us. However, it’s important to be a supportive partner and if it means not having to worry about contraception for the rest of my married years, then I’ll take it.

But can we poke some fun at it with a care package? Heck yes.

See exhibit A below.

@abbeysilvester Snip snip horray! ✂️🥜 My husbands vasectomy care package for tomorrow!😂❤️well done hubs! X #fyp #foryourpage #vasectomy #vasectomyday #vasectomyhumor #vasectomycarepackage #vasectomycarepackageuk #snipsniphooray #snipsnip #nomorebabies #babiesnomore #welldone #husband ♬ Great Balls of Fire – Jerry Lee Lewis

TikToker Abbey Silvester nailed the brief (literally) in creating the ultimate recovery gift for her husband. Full of delicious treats and going nuts with tape and a marker, she created clever twists on product names with every vasectomy pun you could possibly poke a scalpel at.

Filling a box and titling it “Snip Snip Hooray, Love you xxx”, Abbey showed us exactly what was packed inside it to the tune of Great Balls of Fire (naturally). Check out the nitty-gritty details below to recreate your own version when the time comes!

Just in case you missed it, Abbey included:

  • Briefs for your grief (briefs)
  • I hope your nob’s ok (Hobnobs biscuits)
  • Thanks for not flaking out (Flake)
  • Your poor nuts (Gingernut biscuits)
vasectomy care package
‘Briefs for your grief’ – snug-fitting jocks are very important. Source: TikTok
  • Vasectomy club (Club chocolate)
  • Hope they didn’t squash your balls! (Squashies sweets)
  • No nuts (Jaffa Jonuts)
  • No more babies (jelly babies)
care package
‘We have enough kids’ … HILARIOUS. Source: TikTok
  • We have enough kids (Sour patch kids)
  • Empty balls (Maoam pinballs)
  • Shooting blanks (toy water pistol)
care package
This shooting-blanks get-well present is perfection. Source: TikTok

So hilarious and so very, very clever! Abbey is based in the UK but I’m sure you’d be able to find similar items at your local supermarket and specialised lolly shop (if you wanted to go the extra mile!). It’ll be a day your partner certainly won’t forget!

The internet goes nuts!

TikTok never disappoints and as expected, the tags and comments came thick and fast with many women agreeing that this was the most fantastic post-surgery pressie they’d seen. There was also the occasional word from blokes who were mighty disappointed that they received nothing this good, just a few stitches and a couple of days off for their trouble.

Hahaha wish I thought of this when my fella had his!! X

These always have me belly laughing and I mean pure ugly crying with laughter 😂😂😂

Lmao love it although I never got one of these when I struggled to get his babies out 😂

love this! 😂 won’t be showing my hubby though all he got was a frozen pack of peas and a night laying on the sofa 😂 xx

Have you done something ‘special’ or hilarious (or both!) to celebrate your partner’s vasectomy triumph (apart from switching out the medicinal col-pack of peas)? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear it!

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