This Toddler Paint ‘Mishap’ Reminds Us Parenting’s Quite Unpredictable

Meet Victoria Farmer, mother of 2 gorgeous kids.  She had spent the evening before renovating their home in readiness to sell and finishing at 1am completely exhausted, packed up before hitting the sack.  

Next morning she’s busy feeding her baby son while her eldest daughter Anistyn was playing around in the lounge.


She noticed things went ‘scary quiet’ and we all know that silence can be VERY dangerous!  She went in to check on her daughter and discovered this crazy scene.

Her daughter was covered in paint from neck to toe, and when spotted, stood there posing almost like a greek statue!

According to Victoria, she’s been doing some painting the night before in readiness for selling their house. When she was finished, she packed up although couldn’t get the paint bucket lid to seal fully.  It was 1am and she was exhausted so went to bed leaving it partially open — and just enough for Ainstyn to get open and into!

It looks like she just climbed right in and went for a swim,” Victoria wrote on Facebook as she posted the photo, deciding the damage was done and now it’s time to document the mischief!  The photo quickly went viral and we can clearly see why!

Luckily for Anistyn the paint washed off quickly, however the floor was another story!

“I look like an irresponsible parent, but she’s just really quick,” she added.

Needless to say, life’s unpredictable and parenting happens. This is why toddler paint and parenting should never be put in the one sentence. At least she can look back and have a chuckle when she’s older (and take pride of place at her 21st birthday!)

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  1. Avatar of AmyMcC

    Lol!! Poor mum! My second daughter miss 2.5 is the sort to get up to that sort of mischief!
    My parents have a home video of me having “helped” them with some painting of the house doors of our home at the time. They had just finished and left everything outside as it was to go inside and have lunch.
    Apparently in the meantime I somehow got out the front where everything was, and painted over their nicely painted doors for them! Ended up with paint dribbled everywhere, paint almost up to my shoulders and some doors that required sanding back and painting again!

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