Blitz Your Bathroom With These Tried and Tested Cleaning Tricks!


Raise your hand if cleaning your bathroom is your LEAST favourite household chore. *THRUSTS HAND IN AIR*. Tired of trying things that just don’t work?  Save the elbow grease and take note … we asked and you responded with SO MANY epic bathroom cleaning tips and tricks!

Like all advice, what works for one might not work for another, so take what you will from the suggestions below and apply it to your bathroom, you just never know your luck!

1.  Dishwashing liquid – the unsung cleaning hero

Many of you suggested dishwashing detergent as a powerhouse cleaner and we totally agree. Remember this epic shower cleaning hack to clean your shower quickly and easily? It’s cheap as chips and super-efficient at bathroom cleaning!

  • “Dish soap! Non-streak for mirrors and glass cuts through the grime.”
  • “I used to clean the whole house with it (dishwashing liquid) when I was a very poor young person fresh out of home.”
dishwashing liquid in the bathroom
The thrifty powerhouse cleaner – dishwashing detergent. Source: Mum Central

2. Shower and bath cleaning tips

The shower it appears is the main bugbear of the bathroom. Possibly because there are a few components to clean – the shower glass, the tiles AND the taps. UGH. Alas, you guys had answers to all of these!

  • “I love Bar Keepers Friend for my shower glass – it SPARKLES.”
  • “Exit Mould Bathroom Cleaner spray is amazing at keeping shower recess mould at bay.”
  • “Bicarb and vinegar paste for cleaning showers and baths!”
  • “3 parts water, 1 part vinegar, lemon juice and a dash of dishwashing liquid. In a spray bottle, excellent for glass”
  • “Bleach and elbow grease.”
  • “Cotton balls soaked in bleach and vinegar for black mould spots. Leave them overnight and the black spot is gone and the spores killed by the vinegar!”
  • “Use a Koh Diamond Sponge on the glass – no scrubbing required.”
  • “An electric drill scrubbing brush smothered in Gumption. It’s like a big electric toothbrush for the tub.” 
  • “Spray with the bathroom cleaner of your choice the shower and bath the night before you clean it and let it sit.”
bathroom cleaning tips
WOW! Bar Keepers Friend is a personal favourite for shower cleaning. Source: Mum Central

3. Bathroom mirror cleaning tips

Toothpaste splatters and constant steaming up issues? Here are a couple of stellar tips!

  • “Turtle Wax is not only great for your car, but it’s also fab for bathroom mirrors!”
  • “Wipe shaving cream all over your clean bathroom mirrors and polish it clean – it won’t steam up anymore. MAGIC.”

4.  Toilet cleaning tips

Toilet training boys can make for a VERY smelly toilet and surrounding tiles. This shaving cream hack is a MUST TRY as it helps ot remove the residue AND the smell quickly and easily.

  • “Polident tablets used to clean dentures gets rid of the hard water stains in your toilet. Chuck 5 tablets in, let it sit for an hour then clean it. Brand new toilet!”
  • “Citric Acid in the toilet works a treat at removing stubborn stains.”
  • “Deep clean your toilet by removing the lid and seat for a good scrub- so much stuff gets caught in nooks and crannies!”
  • “Treat a scale build-up in the bottom of your toilet bowl with Hillmark Scalex, leave it overnight, scrub and flush. AMAZING.”
bathroom cleaning tips
For a thorough tile scrub and to rid your bathroom of the smell of urine, hit up the shaving cabinet! Source: Bigstock

5. Taps, showerheads and spouts  shine bright like a diamond

When it comes to shining up your chrome hardware, these tips are the bomb-diggity:

  • “Bar Keepers Friend takes next to no elbow grease just wipe on, rub, rinse off and SHINE.”
  •  “Turtle Wax (again) is awesome for getting rid of built-up watermarks and limescale!”

6. Maintenance tips

Of course, once you have the bathroom clean, you want to be able to enjoy the sparkle for as long as possible (or at least a couple of days). Here’s a couple of well-meaning suggestions.

  • “Wipe down the shower screen after each shower, streak-free & clean every time. Done!”
  • “Keep a caddy in your bathroom cabinet handy, you can then do quick clean-ups.”

And if cleaning the bathroom just absolutely isn’t your vibe, MANY of you had hilarious suggestions including locking your kids out of the bathroom, hiring a cleaner or housekeeper, shutting the door and ignoring the bathroom and my personal favourite – just lower your expectations of ‘clean’. #perfect

Consider those expectations LOWERED. via GIPHY

SAFETY FIRST: Clean your bathroom safely!

Always be careful when cleaning with chemicals or mixing products. Some products when mixed with others can have a chemical reaction that can result in harmful odours, burns and other nasties – so just don’t do it!. Here’s a list of cleaning products that SHOULD NOT be paired, thanks to Good Housekeeping.

  • Bleach and vinegar
  • Baking soda and vinegar
  • Bleach and ammonia
  • Drain cleaner and drain cleaner (mixing two different types)
  • Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar
  • Bleach and rubbing alcohol

There you have it, all the bathroom cleaning tips and tricks you could poke a loofah or toilet brush at – and all suggested (and tried and tested) by YOU, our Mum Central community.

Let us know if you try one and it performs miracles in your bathroom, we’d love to hear – or snap a pic for us to see!

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