Dirty Toilet? Reach for the Shaving Cream (It Really Works!)

It’s foamy, inexpensive and being hailed as the super cleaner ALL mums need, especially if you are a mum of boys who have a habit of missing the toilet bowl when they pee. What it is you ask? It’s shaving cream!

That’s right. The stuff reserved for your hubby’s facial hair is actually a miracle worker when it comes to cleaning our toilets. And not only cleaning it but also removing those weird yellowy stains AND the smell of wee!

Simply smear a good layer of foam all over the toilet and leave for 10-30 minutes. Wipe away the mixture with a mop and hot water and voila! No more smells or stains. And no scrubbing needed.

toilet cleaning hack
Step away from the cleaning supplies. Hit hubby’s bathroom drawer up instead. Source: Bigstock

No more urine smell

We first stumbled across this hack, thanks to the Facebook page Mums Who Clean. Reader, Nadi, shared a before and after photo, writing,

‘Thanks ladies! Left it for 1.5 hours and the bathroom smells amazing right now! Usually, it still smells musty after a scrub so it’s definitely worked. All shiny and clean. And smells amazing in here. For now….’

After testing it out ourselves, I am happy to report that, yup! It really does work! My entire bathroom smells fresh and the toilet bowl looks cleaner than it has in months. I sprayed a bit around the bottom of the toilet bowl and the tile grout even looks cleaner too!

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