Two Great Reasons to Head to the Adelaide Festival Centre These School Holidays

Struggling to find cool (and exciting) activities for your kids in Adelaide these school holidays? 

We’ve picked two very cool (but different) shows the kids will love, and have scored tickets to each for you to WIN!

PICK 1: Join Steve Backshall from BBC Series Deadly 60 as he shares his most venomous animals and epic animal adventures live on stage with Deadly 60 Live! A great opportunity for the kids to ask him all about animals and his epic adventures.  Ages 4+

PICK 2: On a completely different note, there’ll be oodles of magic, sing-a-long songs and clumsy chaos with The Tiger Who Came to Tea! 

DIVIDERDeadly-60Deadly 60 Live! Starring Steve Backshall

The Weird Wild and Wonderful Tour

11-12 January 2016, Adelaide Festival Centre (Ages 4+)

Want to meet the world’s most venomous snake, or the ultimate lethal predator on the planet? Relax, Steve Backshall has met them all for you. Deadly 60 Live! is the adventure of a lifetime.

Steve tells stories and shows unseen footage from his most famous expeditions and answers your questions about the making of his hugely popular BBC series. A must for fans of the TV series as well as wildlife enthusiasts of all ages.

Come along, ask him all your questions about wildlife and see lots of epic adventures from the wild world.

YouTube video



Win a Family Pass to see Deadly 60! Live on Stage
DIVIDERtiger-who-came-to-teaThe Tiger Who Came to Tea

22-24 January 2016, Adelaide Festival Centre (Ages 3+)

The doorbell rings just as Sophie and her mummy are sitting down to tea. Who could it possibly be?  What they certainly don’t expect to see at the door is a big, stripy tiger!

Following a smash-hit West End season, the tea-guzzling tiger is back on the road in this delightful family show; packed with oodles of magic, sing-a-long songs and clumsy chaos!

A stunning stage adaptation of the classic tale of teatime mayhem… expect to be surprised! David Wood OBE is undisputedly the UK’s leading writer and director of plays and musicals for children.

His many successes include Fantastic Mr Fox, The Gingerbread Man, BFG, The Witches, Meg and Mog, Spot and Babe the Sheep Pig. DIVIDER enter-to-win Win a Family Pass to see The Tiger Who Came to Tea

DIVIDERBook your tickets for Deadly 60 Live! and The Tiger Who Came to Tea soon as seats are strictly limited and with tickets selling pretty quickly get cracking and secure yours today!



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  1. Avatar of rebecca

    Id love to take my kids to ‘tThe tiger who came to tea’. I lived that book as a kid.

  2. Avatar of Kristy Winters
    Kristy WintersReply

    I have three boys and one little girl who would love to go with me

  3. Avatar of Katrina Potter
    Katrina PotterReply

    My 2 boys and daughter love Deadly 60 and would be super excited to go.

  4. Avatar of Racheal M

    My daughter watches the Deadly 60 all the time – she would love to go to a live show

  5. Avatar of Natasha Page
    Natasha PageReply

    My 8yr old son Xander LOVES Deadly 60 sooooo much. This would be Amazing to take him.

  6. Avatar of Sherri Rigney
    Sherri RigneyReply

    My son Mitchell has been watching this show for years. Even records them to watch over and over again.

  7. Avatar of michelle

    my son said this wld be ‘awesome’… he is 4, the cutey.

  8. Avatar of Keri Smith

    My son is 13 and totally adores deadly sixty. He tries to never miss an episode.

  9. Avatar of Maxine Pickrell
    Maxine PickrellReply

    My grandson Mitchell Rigney, is so passionate about this show, I continually get updates on the phone..

  10. Avatar of Natalie Cain
    Natalie CainReply

    I’d be taking my Deadly 60 mad kids with me! No matter if it’s a re-run for the 100th time.. they’ll insist on dropping everything and watching it. My son likes all things shark, my daughter all things amphibian and my littlest goes for all creepy crawlies. They love Steve and would LOVE to see him in person!

  11. Avatar of Ann Trebeck
    Ann TrebeckReply

    have to be my Daughter loves Deadly 60 and want to be a zoo keeper perfect surprise for her 🙂

  12. Avatar of Tracey Ralph
    Tracey RalphReply

    I’d take my own two little cherubs to see the show.

  13. Avatar of Nadine Cameron
    Nadine CameronReply

    It would be great to take my hubby and kids…they would just love this.

  14. Avatar of Louise Patterson
    Louise PattersonReply

    I’d love to take my husband and two daughters. All of them love deadly 60!

  15. Avatar of Helen Hamilton
    Helen HamiltonReply

    I would love to take my daughter and my friend and her little boy. What a great day out.

  16. Avatar of Rachel K

    I’d take hubby as we are both fascinated by nature and the Deadly 60!

  17. Avatar of Rachel K

    I’d give the Family Pass to see The Tiger Who Came to Tea to the needy family next door!

  18. Avatar of Rachel amanatidis
    Rachel amanatidisReply

    I’d take my 7 year old newphew who would just love this !

  19. Avatar of Christie Louise
    Christie LouiseReply

    I would love to take my 3 children with me, as we couldn’t afford to go away on a holiday this Christmas season as things are really tight at the moment.
    To be able to take them there, would be absolutely wonderful!!!!!!! They would be over the moon!

  20. Avatar of Kylie Edwards
    Kylie EdwardsReply

    My 8yr old son. He loves Deadly 60! Santa gave him a DVD and book for Christmas and he sat for 3 hours watching it and finding the animals in the book. I have never seen him sit still for 3 hours, one very fascinated boy!

  21. Avatar of Kate Marshall
    Kate MarshallReply

    my 3 year old grandson Patrick would love to see this with Nanna

  22. Avatar of corrin nicholls
    corrin nichollsReply

    I would take my children. My son is a huge fan of Steve’s.

  23. Avatar of Kylie Hornhardt
    Kylie HornhardtReply

    My kids 8,6 and 4 they love watching Steve and all the animals

  24. Avatar of Krystal Rose Gibbs
    Krystal Rose GibbsReply

    My daughter (7) is in love with Steve’s show. She loves to tell her classmates about the things she’s learnt.

  25. Avatar of Melagaggie

    My two sons, they’ve been watching Deadly 60 since the beginning.

  26. Avatar of Kyla Booth

    I would take my husband and my 2 girls – they are both animal mad. xx

  27. Avatar of Belinda Murray
    Belinda MurrayReply

    My 2 boys 8and 9 years are deadly 60 crazy we always watch it on tv and have dvds they would be so excited to meet him in their words it would be so Epic!! 🙂

  28. Avatar of Debra

    I would take my wild animal loving daughter who is 9 and my son who is nearly 7.

  29. Avatar of Sandy Hutchinson
    Sandy HutchinsonReply

    My 6 and 7 year olds would be stoked to see the animals!

  30. Avatar of Katherine McDonald
    Katherine McDonaldReply

    my daughter Caroline would love to see this.

  31. Avatar of Ceinwen Walton
    Ceinwen WaltonReply

    My Emily and Ozzie would be
    excited to see this show , they are both pretty WILD !!

  32. Avatar of Ceinwen Walton
    Ceinwen WaltonReply

    My Emily and Izzie would be excited to see this show , they are both pretty WILD !!

  33. Avatar of Vanessa

    I would take my son. He LOVES watching Deadly 60 on TV…this would be an awesome experience for him.

  34. Avatar of Ceinwen Walton
    Ceinwen WaltonReply

    I would take my youngest daughter Izzie to ”The Tiger who came to tea” , would be a lovely day out just the 2 of us .

  35. Avatar of Alex

    Definitely would be taking Master 5 and one of his friends along. I know he’d love both shows!

  36. Avatar of Sharon Calley
    Sharon CalleyReply

    I would take my 6 year old grandson. Deadly 60 is his favourite show

  37. Avatar of Emma Ribbans
    Emma RibbansReply

    Awesome prize for Deadly 60! My 5yo keeps coming up to tell me random things about ‘Steve’ – I hadn’t realised he meant Deadly 60 Steve as he was talking about him like he was a family friend LOL. We’d love to win the prize – thanks Adelaide Baby Bargains 🙂

  38. Avatar of Liv carger

    My two boys aged 9 & 10 are Deadly 60 Fanatics!! “Santa” gave them Deadly 60 dvd’s from the ABC shop…. they would be over the moon to see Steve live!!!!

  39. Avatar of Lainie Hull
    Lainie HullReply

    I’d be taking my 2 kids and if my Husband behaves himself and can contain his excitement at seeing Steve in real life…I might just take him too…lol

  40. Avatar of Nicole Middleton
    Nicole MiddletonReply

    Definitely my boys! Or maybe an older newphew if the deadly 60 is too scary for my youngest (3yrs)

  41. Avatar of Suzanne Blommaert-Botha
    Suzanne Blommaert-BothaReply

    I would love to take my two daughters, Lili-Grace & Alexi as they love The Tiger who came for tea story. They would love seeing it!

  42. Avatar of Vanessa

    My mum, daughter and of course our toy tiger and probably the book too!

  43. Avatar of Dianne Childs
    Dianne ChildsReply

    I’d take my son, he loves watching the Deadly 60 Live show on TV!

  44. Avatar of Paul Karamanov
    Paul KaramanovReply

    definitely my 9 year old daughter and her good mate Bill. Plus if all goes well her favourite cousin Adrian who is a wildlife fanatic!

  45. Avatar of Simon c

    I would live to take my daughters along, it will be there first experience at the theatre.

  46. Avatar of Suzanne McAdam
    Suzanne McAdamReply

    I would let my mum take my youngest (4) and they both deserve an excursion out together.

  47. Avatar of Emma

    I would take hubby & our 2 girls. My 5 year old just asked me today if we could go to see a play soon. This would be perfect.

  48. Avatar of Heidi Rohrig
    Heidi RohrigReply

    I would take my eldest daughter, my sister and my niece.

  49. Avatar of Michelle Halusko Tsimouris
    Michelle Halusko TsimourisReply

    I’d take the kidlets who love theatre shows

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