Two Letter Names: 18 Short, Sweet and Sassy Choices

There’s a new trend in the baby naming world and it’s growing on us. You’ve probably seen heaps of adorable three letter baby names, including popular options like Leo, Kai, Ivy and Mia, and more unique choices like Lux, Blu and Lev.

But what about two letters? These extra-short two letter names are certainly unique and great for minimalists. They also work well with longer middle names or, as middle names themselves to complement a longer first name. And bonus, they are easy for kids to learn how to spell! 

So let’s dig into our top picks for two letter names for babies. Go! 

18 adorable two letter names 

1. Ax –  Short for Axel, this small but fierce name has some serious cool vibes. 

2. Cy – Pronounced like “sigh” or “Kai” depending on what you like, Cy means “sun”. 

3. Bo – The more popular spelling for Bo is Beau. Bo is a Scandinavian name that means “to live”. 

4. Ky – This one is pronounced the same as “Kai” but makes a unique spelling choice to the more popular Kai. Ky means “ocean”. 

5. Io –  Pronounced “eye-o”, this space baby name is a moon of Jupiter and means “rely on + hero”. 

6. Al – Probably one of the most familiar two-letter baby names on the list, Al is short for old-school names like Alan, Alfred and Albert. 

7. Jo – Another name that is often a nickname for a longer moniker, Jo is quickly becoming a stand-alone name choice, especially as a middle name. 

8. Vi  – There are a lot of names that start with Vi – Violet, Victor, Vivianne, but Vi on its own has a sort of elegance to it. 

9. Kc – Pronounced like Casey, Kc means “alert” or “vigorous”. 

10. Ty – This short name is sweet and spunky.  

11. Lu – Lu is the new version of Lou, another cute choice for any little one. Lu has a bit of a regal vibe to it and means “famous warrior”. You can also double it to make Lu-Lu. 

12. Oz – While Oz brings images of the Wizard of Oz to our minds, the name also means “strength” and “courage”. 

13. Ox – While it’s a little out there, we predict Ox will be growing on new parents in the coming years, as it comes with the trendy “x” factor and is also short and fiesty.

14. Tu – This name is another one that flies under the radar when it comes to two-letter names but we like it. Pronounced “too”, the name means a few things, including “you” in French and “bright” in Vietnamese. Just please don’t use this name with the surname Morrow. 

15. Qi – For a good vibe name, Qi is a pretty choice that translates to fine Jade and is associated with good luck, wealth and specialness. Qi is pronounced “chi”. 

16. Jy – There’s something a bit mythical and magical about the name Jy, which is pronounced “Jai”.  

17. Té – Pronounced like Tay, this name oozes with coolness and culture. 

18. Cc – Like Cee-Cee, but short, Cc means “bird”. 

If you do love short names but you’re not sold on just two letter names, have a look at our top ten three letter baby names and four letter baby names below:

Three letter baby names: 

two letter names for babies

1. Hux – A cute combo of Huxley and Huck. 

2. Kya – Meaning “diamond in the sky”, Kya is certainly a bright choice. 

3. Liv – Originally the shortened form of Olivia, Liv is totally strong enough to stand alone. 

4. Lev – A fresh alternative to Leo, Lev also means “lion”. 

5. Pau – Popular in Spain, Pau is the word for “peace”.

6. Reo – Or Rio, if you’d like. Both mean “river” in Spanish. 

7. Tao – This name is rooted in a lot of cultures – In Japanese, it’s a popular girl’s name, in Chinese it means “long life”. 

8. Wyn – A winning three letter baby name if we’ve ever seen one! 

9. Zia – Edgy and sweet at the same time, Zia is sure to stand out in the crowd. 

10. Zen – Cool, calm and a cute option for your little dude.

Four letter baby names

1. Lyra – It’s also quite pretty and musical.

2. Myla – We love this one – it combines Mia and Isla, two of the most popular names, into something unique and sweet.

3. Sage – Not only a herbal name, Sage also comes with a lovely meaning – “wise”.

4. Rome – Geographical baby names are nothing new but Rome certainly is. We can see this one taking off.

5. Gray – Colour-inspired baby names have always been popular but Gray is particularly popular among the hipster crowd.

6. Jude – Hey! Jude is coming back. John and his mates would be so pleased.

7. Mack – Strong and mighty, Mack is definitely a ‘power’ name. 

8. Leon – An alternative to Leo (which is hugely popular), Leon means “lion” and certainly has some bite to it.

9. Iris – A colourful choice, Iris means “rainbow”.

10. Esme – Vintage and elegant, it’s a match made in naming heaven.

More baby names to consider 

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