Mums Share their Favourite Unique Baby Names they Never Got to Use

What’s your favourite baby name you never got to use? 

Most of us have a bank of baby names hidden in the back of our minds. They may be names that we loved, at one stage or another, but that we chose not to use for our own kids, for whatever reason.

This could be because the name reminds us of someone, or someone used the name before we got a chance. It could be because our husbands vetoed it or our neighbour named his cat the same name. Or it could be because we were blessed with three daughters so never got a chance to use our picked-out boy’s name. 

Whatever the reason, we recently asked our mums what are some of the favourite baby names that they never got to use. Thousands of mums replied with thousands of different name choices, all beautiful in their own way. 

With over 2,000 comments, we noticed a few trends, but one trend that really stood out to us was several of the names that didn’t make the birth certificate are quite unique. Names you wouldn’t hear every day and certainly not ones that belong in the top 100 list. 

The appeal of unique baby names

Unique baby names are nothing new but many parents are hesitant to use them. There’s something a lot safer about going with a popular or well-known name, one that people already know how to spell and that perhaps already has a certain feel to it.

The name, Jack, for example, is a pretty solid, strong boy’s name. Another popular boy’s name – William – comes with a very regal vibe. Mia, another common name, comes with notions of sweetness while Bella is synonymous with beautiful. 

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Unique baby names, on the other hand, aren’t well-known enough to come with these connotations. They can also be trickier to spell and to say and, you may find that you are defending your name choice everywhere you go. Thus, many parents will have unique baby names on their shortlist, but decide to go with something a little more traditional when baby does make their appearance. 

However, the great thing about unique baby names is that they grow with your child and they offer a chance to name your little one something that is as individual as they are.

We wanted to share a few of the unique names that never got used by our Mum Central readers – out of the thousands of names, these were 50 uncommon options that really stood to us. Hopefully, they get to see the baby naming stage one day! 

25 unique girl’s names that never got used

  1. Kenadee
  2. Elorah
  3. Rebel
  4. Enora 
  5. Kezia
  6. Lyndie
  7. Knightly
  8. Nixie
  9. Noa
  10. Holland
  11. Xavieria 
  12. Inara
  13. Navy
  14. Wrenly
  15. Orla
  16. Saffiah
  17. Rawlings
  18. Alaska
  19. Magnolia
  20. Anniston
  21. Poet
  22. Prairie
  23. Ryah
  24. Salem
  25. Aquila

25 unique boy’s names that never made the cut 

  1. Egon
  2. Brighton
  3. Deion
  4. Kaeo
  5. Laken
  6. Blakely
  7. Cove
  8. Humphrey
  9. Huxley
  10. Lux
  11. Leonidas
  12. Dimity 
  13. Jarryn
  14. Cordell
  15. Canter
  16. Linke
  17. Ragnar
  18. Stirling 
  19. Calix
  20. Ezekiel
  21. Banjo
  22. Ralston
  23. Brecken
  24. Rylan
  25. Milan

Of course, there were thousands of other lovely names that, for whatever reason, were not picked. 

Common names that readers loved but never used

Below are 20 of the more common names that continued to be brought up as favourites that weren’t chosen (in no particular order and for various reasons): 


  1. Lily
  2. Summer
  3. Jasmine
  4. Everleigh/Everly
  5. Daisy
  6. Hannah
  7. Amelia
  8. Ivy
  9. Maeve
  10. Maisie


  1. Ziggy
  2. Hunter
  3. Tobias
  4. Bowie 
  5. Levi 
  6. Arlo
  7. Hendrix
  8. Aiden
  9. Zane
  10. Michael 

If you are looking for the perfect name for your little one, check out our ultimate baby name generator. Simply select your due date and see what names match (both boy and girl options given). It’s easy to use, good fun and free – check it out here.

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