16 Quick and Easy Bake Sale Ideas Anyone Can Make!

Listen up. If the words ‘BAKE SALE FUNDRAISER’ coming home on a school note have you running for the hills, don’t stress! Instead, grab your apron and try these recipes on for size. It’s actually easier than you think and we have something for everyone plus some stellar bake sale tips to share too!

‘Bake sale’ shouldn’t be a dirty word

Let’s just be real for a minute. Your child’s school isn’t expecting you to be Nigella Lawson and pull a croquembouche out of the back of your Mazda before 9am on a Monday morning.

While that would be really something and definitely leave a marking impression at the school gate, more often than not, they just want a contribution of baked goods to sell – it really doesn’t matter what it is as long as they can sell it for a few dollars. That’s the cold hard truth of it.
So breathe. You’ve TOTALLY got this.

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Bake sale 101 hot tips and tricks

  • Presentation is what catches the buyer’s eye so make sure you wrap your baked items nicely. Use cello bags and tape to keep them airtight and finish off with a pretty string and tag.
  • List your ingredients on the back of your labels, along with the bake date. This is often a council requirement now but is also ULTRA handy for people with allergies.
  • If you have baked items that need to be kept cool, have a few items out on a tray placed on top of an ice-filled container for show but keep the rest of your stock in a cool Esky.
  • If you completely suck at baking, have no time or just want a super-fast option, make up some bags of mixed lollies. Technically they’re not baked but I promise, they’ll be snaffled up!
  • Portion up your baked goods. Sell cupcakes singly or in pairs, full cakes in half loaves and bag your biscuits up half a dozen at a time if you can. Many people won’t want to buy a whole cake for fear of it not being eaten, but will happily buy a few slices for afternoon tea!

Ready to check out some pretty epic bake sale ideas? Apron on, let’s do it!

16 bake sale ideas anyone can make, really truly!

1. Lemon cupcakes recipe

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. This lemon cupcake recipe is PERFECT for those who love lemon – plus it looks fancy pants too!

bake sale lemon cupcakes
The perfect bake sale cupcake for lemon lovers. Source: L. Klaebe

2. Ice cream cone cupcakes

With a full five stars for the novelty factor, there won’t be a kid who will be able to resist sinking their teeth into an ice cream cone cupcake.

bake sale ice cream cone cupcakes
We DARE children to resist wanting these fun cupcakes! Source: Supplied

3. Pie maker cheesecake brownies

No oven, no worries – you can still slay a bake sale with your pie-maker! These pie maker cheesecake brownies are delicious and will do brilliantly dusted with icing sugar and sold in pairs at a bake sale.

pie maker cheesecake brownies
No oven, no worries – pie maker for the win! Source: Supplied

4. Layered Cake Jars

Layered cake jars get full points for portability and look extra cute – just don’t forget a spoon!

bake sale Cake Jars recipe
Portable cake, NAILED IT. Source: Supplied

5. Lattice lemon cheesecake slice

We know Arnott’s is no longer making their Lattice biscuits but rest assured, there are alternatives and we’ve listed them in here with this Lattice lemon cheesecake slice recipe.

no bake lattice cheesecake recipe
Lattice slice lives on with a new biscuit, promise! Source: Supplied

6. Chocolate sheet cake

An old favourite for chocolate cake lovers, chocolate sheet cake never goes astray at our local bake sale stall!

bake sale chocolate sheet cake recipe
Chocolate sheet cake, sell by the piece at your bake sale! Source: CSR Sugar

7. Baked glazed vanilla doughnuts

The next best thing to Krispy Kreme doughnuts, vanilla baked glazed doughnuts!

baked vanilla donuts recipe
A HOLE lot of fun! Source: L. Klaebe

8. 3-Ingredient Oreo balls

Three ingredients. Enough said – put our name down for these 3-ingredient Oreo balls! Bag them up and watch them fly out the door.

3 ingredient Oreo balls recipe
Get rolling with these three ingredients! Source: Supplied

9. Chocolate caramel slice

Slices ALWAYS do well at bake sales and this chocolate caramel slice is no exception! HOLY YUM.

bake sale caramel slice
Holy caramel slice perfection. Source: Supplied

10. Twix biscuits

If you’ve got time and you want to leave a lasting impression on your community, make these Twix biscuits. People will talk about them for YEARS.

Twix biscuit recipe
The main event – people won’t be able to stop at just one! Source: Supplied

11. Bear paw biscuits

Cute cookie alert! Super simple to make but really adorable for little ones, these bear paw biscuits hit the bake sale brief on the head!

Bear paw biscuit recipe
Did someone say CUTE? A bake sale must-have! Source: Mum Central

12. Caramilk rocky road

Did someone say Caramilk? Shut up and take my money, it’s Caramilk rocky road for the win!

Caramilk rocky road recipe
No one can turn away from Caramilk – NO ONE. Source: Supplied

13. Lemon coconut slice

An oldie but a goodie, lemon coconut slice will bring back memories of bake sales from years long gone. Pass this recipe on to your kids so that future generations can enjoy that zesty sweetness too!

lemon coconut slice recipe
Delicious any time of the day, let’s be honest. Source: Supplied

14. Cinnamon scrolls

If you’re manning the bake sale first shift, make sure you have some freshly baked (maybe still warm) cinnamon scrolls on offer. Oh my goodness, so, SO good.

cinnamon scrolls
Scrolls for morning tea? YES PLEASE. Source: Supplied

15. Giant Cherry Ripe slice

What’s better than an actual Cherry Ripe chocolate bar? A huge Cherry Ripe inspired slice, that’s what.

Cherry Ripe Slice recipe
A brownie base and cherry-infused top. There are NO words to describe it. Source: Supplied

16. Wagon Wheel Slice

My favourite, pillowy marshmallow sandwiched between chocolate and biscuit with a drizzle of jam for good measure. It’s a Wagon Wheel slice and you won’t believe how good it is!

Wagon wheel slice recipe
Droooooool. Wagon wheel slice done right! Source: Supplied

There you have it, folks, 16 brilliant ideas for your next bake sale to keep you busy! Don’t forget our tips above (mixed lollies never go astray!) as well as this hack on how to stop oily cupcake bottoms. Happy baking!

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