Octonauts fans rejoice! In readiness for the Octonauts LIVE! Operation Reef Tour heading your way this February, we’ve got two fabulous prizes up for grabs to two lucky readers!

Join Captain Barnacles, Lieutenant Kwazii and Medic Peso, together with the rest of the Octonauts team as they head to a stage near you this February.  In their first ever stage show held in Australia, these quirky and courageous undersea adventurers  are always ready to dive into action! It is their mission to explore new underwater worlds, rescue amazing sea creatures and protect the ocean.

To celebrate, we’ve got two prize packs to give away to two lucky readers.

The first prize choice is a Fisher-Price Octonauts Octopod Playset


The second prize choice is a fabulous merchandise pack comprising storybooks, sticker books, : 

  • ‘Octonauts and the Orcas’ Book
  • ‘Octonauts to the Rescue’ Sticker Book
  • ‘Octonauts Pirate Playtime’ Sticker Book
  • ‘Octonauts and the Adelie Penguin’ Book
  • ‘Octonauts: The Amazing Octopod’ Book
  • Octonauts Magazine
  • Octonauts 3 Piece Dinner Set (plate, cup, bowl) worth
  • Octonauts 3D Place Mat


To enter, simply tell us which prize you’d prefer in the comments below and complete the entry form and you’re in the running!

BONUS ENTRIES:  Share with your friends on Facebook and for every friend that enters, you’ll get another entry into the draw! Plus, come back each day for a bonus entry and you’re in with even more of a chance!

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Good luck!

Win an Octonauts Prize Pack – 2 To Be Won!


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  1. Tammy Bradfield Reply

    I would love to win prize pack 2. My almost 6 year old son LOVES Octonauts and loves to read. He has been watching seasons 1,2 &3 alternating daily over the summer holidays.

  2. I would love to win the 1st prize back but they are both fantastic.

  3. Michelle Green Reply

    I would love to win the 1st prize pack but they are both fantastic!

  4. Wow, both fantastic prizes but I reckon prize two would be easier to share between my kids.

  5. shelbyward Reply

    Prize Pack 1 would make my little Octonaut lover very happy! He fills a bucket of water and plays with his figurines for ages and I love listening to his little animated voice!

  6. Tina Clausen Reply

    Prize Pack 1, the wonderful Fisher-Price Octonauts Octopod Playset. Perfect for toddler 🙂

  7. Prize Pack 1. My son is watching and choose that one. He’s jumping with excitment!

  8. Rachel Kriss-Newell Reply

    Pack 2 please. For avid little readers who can’t get enough of storytales.

  9. Kirsten983 Reply

    Prize 2 as books last a lifetime and my youngest loves to read! And each dinner time will be exciting with the dinner set!

  10. Zara O'Sullivan Reply

    My son would love prize 1. He is obsessed with octonauts, thank goodness I am able to tape them. 🙂

  11. Karla Godoy Reply

    Prize pack 2 would be awesome! My little ones love to read!

  12. Kellie Holland Reply

    Prize Pack Number 2 please. My son is Octonauts Obsessed and was very lucky to get an Octopod from Santa Claus.

  13. Kelly Dansie Reply

    Prize pack 2 as my 2 year old daughter loves the Octonauts and reading stories together.

  14. Karen Harris Reply

    My 2 year old daughter Isabelle would love the prize pack number two she is obsessed with the octonauts and loves me to read to her.

  15. Deborah Forth Reply

    Prize pack #2 would be amazing as my little man has the Octopod and absolutely loves it

  16. Katherine Walton Reply

    Prize pack 2 plz. My son loves books and he would be so excited to win this

  17. Vicky Grindal Reply

    My son loves reading books (or rather having them read to him) so Prize pack two was be perfect for us.

  18. Kate Jackson Reply

    My son is obsessed with The Octonauts he can’t get enough of this show. He loves pretending pushing the Octo Alert and going to the Launch Bay or HQ. Any pack would be lovely he would be so happy.

  19. Prize No 2 please, my little girl is a big fan of Octonauts and would love this prize pack.

  20. Ayme Walpole Reply

    Prize number two please. We have two sons living with Autism and the octonauts are their favourite thing in the entire world

  21. Prize number 2 would be perfect for my son. Unfortunately we can’t make it to the live show, we live too far away. Octonauts is his favourite thing in the world!

  22. Angela Aschberger Reply

    Number 2 for us please that way I don’t have to make up Octonaut stories at bedtime I can just read them instead!

  23. Zaica Sonia Curtis Reply

    Prize number one please 🙂
    My 5 yr old ASD son absolutely LOOOOVES Octonauts and prize number 1 is the next one on his list … He has Kwazii’s thing that goes on the top of this … which is why he NEEEEEEEDS this one.
    He has most of the movies and tells me an Octonauts story EVERY night at bedtime 🙂

  24. Jodie Farnsworth Reply

    Pack two please. My son might eat some more! Also the books he would love for story time.

  25. Ali henderson Reply

    Prize 2 please! So much Octonauts goodies to make master 2s eyes bulge!

  26. Linda Conroy Reply

    Prize pack 2 please – can’t get enough Octonauts books in my house!

  27. My nephew would enjoy either, but I think he would prefer Prize 1- The Octonauts Octopod

  28. Michelle Harrison Reply

    Pack 1 please, our little man would love this as a late birthday present

  29. He would LOVE both, but probably the Octopod as he received 2 of the books and the dinnerset for Christmas. My little man is slightly obsessed!! 🙂

  30. Erin McGuire-Sladek Reply

    I would like the second prize as we already have the octopod playset and I think my son would love the books for learning to read!

  31. Kerri-Ann Donovan Reply

    My daughter would absolutely love Pack 2 = she absolutely LOVES books and I’m sure an Octonauts dinner set would make eating dinner easier and much more fun!

  32. My 3 sons would love prize pack 2 so they could all share part of it. The eldest could read the books to his brothers 🙂

  33. Jacqui Roodenburg Reply

    My son absolutely loves Octonauts and a lot of his imaginative play with friends turns to octonauts role play. I think he would love Prize Pack #1 to continue this into his independant play.

  34. My Wee Man would love Prize Pack 1, he loves everything that lives under the Sea, especially The Octonauts.

  35. Chriselda Valivaka Reply

    Prize pack 2, I went overkill on all things Octonauts
    And he has almost all the playsets!

  36. The books! My 3 year old loves Octonauts we have episodes via itunes on the mobile for when we are out and he loves watching the episodes before and after kindy at home – when he gets his face painted he asks for Kwazii, and he has asked for an Octonauts birthday party this year! #1 fan 🙂 he loves reading (being read to!) so this pack would be great… YEEOOW

  37. Rachel Peacock Reply

    Prize pack 1- my octonaut-crazy son has most of the books already!

  38. The octopod play set! He’ll be thrilled having the octopod. My son loves octonauts. His fav is the captain 🙂

  39. My daughter only watches the Octonauts when they’re on TV! She would love prize pack 1!

  40. All 3 of my children would love anything Octonauts!!! Thank you!

  41. Katie Young Reply

    My two sons would be stoked with anything! They love all things Octonauts. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  42. Valerie Cooke Reply

    The prize pack 2 please, my octonauts loving son has the octopad which he sleeps baths and plays with. The books be a real aid as we are trying to encourage his reading skills and for him to be able to see his hero kwazii and read of his adventures be a bonus in helping develop his reading and language skills.
    Thanks for the consideration

  43. Bec Rigoni Reply

    my son would prefer prize pack 2, he loves his big sister reading him the octonaut books!

  44. Tenille Murtha Reply

    My little girl love octonauts & learns so much!
    The books would be fantastic as she starts kindy this year.
    Thank you!

  45. Graydon Cooke Reply

    The prize pack 2 please, my octonauts loving son has the octopad which he sleeps baths and plays with. The books be a real aid as we are trying to encourage his reading skills and for him to be able to see his hero kwazii and read of his adventures be a bonus in helping develop his reading and language skills.

  46. Sharlene Steffan Reply

    My 4 year old would love pack 2……he is obsesed with the Octonauts.He got something similar to pack 1 for Christmas and plays with it all the time

  47. Leslee Moyle Reply

    Prize pack #2 please! My 8mth old stops everything when she hears it!

  48. Belinda Thompson Reply

    Prize pack #1 please – William loves the Octonauts and that would give him hours and hours of fun!

  49. Cassie Fisher Reply

    Prize pack #2 please. My 3 year old son would love this!! Thank you 🙂

  50. Would love pack 1 as we are very hands on, but also love to read so pack 2 would also be enjoyed.

  51. I would love prize pack 2 for my little 2yr old he’s loves Octonauts

  52. Pack #2.. my 2 year old son always yells Octonauts when they come on!

  53. Clare Radley Reply

    Pack one please, Master 3 1/2 is all about interacting with his toys and making NOISE

  54. Julie Douglas Reply

    Would love the merchandise pack (pack2) please for our kindy boy 🙂

  55. Rhiannan Bellenger Reply

    OOOh i would love my boy to have the book set but im sure hed rather the playset so would have to say pack one or two hed be so grateful just to win 🙂

  56. Joanne McDermott Reply

    My two little Explorers would LOVE the Merchandise Pack 2. Our whole family love the Octonauts

  57. Cherry Pountney Reply

    Would love to win prize pack two, my little girl would adore everything in there!

  58. Elizabeth Mahony Reply

    I’d love the Octopod merchandise set
    With books and stickers and more,
    Mealtime with be an adventure too,
    Amazing prize galore!

  59. Tamika Redwin Reply

    Pack one. My son wakes up most mornings telling he has dreamed about a octopod.

  60. Kristal Jenkin Reply

    Prize Pack 1 would make Master 3 year old, one very happy Octonaut fan!

  61. Littlies bath times without amazing Octonauts would be basically banal and boring.. The OCTOPOD would extend creative play even further. Dining with PACK 2 dinnerware would make for non-dull dinners. The books and magazine – wonderful post-bath bedtime reading.. Such great prizes.. I can’t decide!

  62. Erin Roberts Reply

    I would love to win the Octopod playset for my boys. My four-year-old has been into Octonauts for ages and has coveted this set. His two-year-old brother has just discovered the world of Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso etc. They would adore playing with this together.

  63. Rachel Thursfield Reply

    My little man would be happy with either of the wonderful prize packs, but would probably prefer prize pack 1. He loves Octonauts

  64. Either would be loved at my place. 2 obsessed Octo fans live at my place!

  65. Brianna Kent Reply

    My 2 little ones are OBSESSED with Octonauts and would be over the moon (or under the water!) if the won prize pack 1 as they have been begging for an Octopod for the longest time. They would also be more than happy with prize pack 2 as they LOVE to read.

  66. Meagan Lorraine Reply

    My 3yo is a little octonaut. He loves to watch toy reviews on octonauts toys on youtube! And dont worry if youre ever sick he makes sure to find peso to give a kiss better

  67. My 3 year old loves octonauts, has to take them everywhere with him, would love the book set. He was lucky enough that santa brought him the octonauts house as he calls it.

  68. Jennifer Doyle Reply

    Pack #2 would be wonderful for my daughter who loves to read about her favourite characters!

  69. Jacinta foster Reply

    Pack number 2 my daughter loves books and everything Octonauts so it’s win-win.

  70. michelle s Reply

    Pack # 1 my four year old son would love this a very big Octonauts fan.

  71. My little Octofan has just started to read and what would encourage her to read more than a swag of Octonauts books?! We just visited the aquarium today and this has sparked off a new round of marine enthusiasm!

  72. Michele Jones Reply

    My daughter would love the book pack she is book mad at the moment she loves books and she loves the Octonauts

  73. Linda Evans Reply

    My son would love Pack 2. We love reading stories together 🙂

  74. Julia Morton Reply

    prize pack 2 as my son is obsessed with them and collecting stickers,he would love this.

  75. Prize pack 2 please, my daughter loves watching the octonauts on TV 🙂

  76. prize pack 2 is my granddaughters favourite set of characters

  77. Cathy Domoney Reply

    I would love the book pack please! Anything to encourage the little ones to read more. Thank you. 🙂

  78. Pack #1 please – my son’s big cousin has one and he just loves playing with it! I’d get hours of peace if we had one of these!

  79. Pack 1 please – My daughter Kwazii and Peso will love to complete their adventures from in and outside the Octopod

  80. Ruth Zerkle Reply

    Prize pack #1 please. my granddaughter would absolutely love it.

  81. Sabrina Blankley Reply

    Prize pack 1 please!! Master 3 love love loves the Octonauts !!

  82. Charl Lowther Reply

    Prize Pack 2 please! We would love to read all about the Octonauts adventures!

  83. we have the octopod and love it – kids can’t get enough Octonauts!!

  84. Samala Cambridge Reply

    The Octopod play set would be winner with my three boys!! Might be able to get some cleaning down whilst they are all distracted!!

  85. Melissa Bishop Reply

    Prize pack one would be appreciated by my grandchildren 🙂

  86. pack 2 please my cute little nephew is huge fan at 18mths and he loves his books already

  87. Esther Goodhew Reply

    Prize Pack 1 please!!!!!! I have two boys 2.5yrs and 18months who LOVE the octonaughts ! They only own the gup A toy and everyday have to share it between them with the continual refereeing of who’s go is it now

  88. Barbara Fehmel Reply

    my twin 3 year old Great Granddaughters would sit enthralled with this DVD. [What a change a quiet time for and hour or so].

  89. Prize pack 2 has heaps of craft things to do and we could all share in making fun pictures etc

  90. My twins are obsessed with the Octonauts and have been begging for an Octopod for ages, so definitely pack 1 for this house please!

  91. Danielle Horton Reply

    Both of my kids love reading and books so pack #2 for us.

  92. Kate Bullock Reply

    Pack 2 please so my twins can read all about the sea creatures and their favourite Octonauts characters

  93. Cassandra Sharp Reply

    As much as my son would love playing with the playset, he also loves books and reads two every night, so I’d have to go with pack 2. It would get plenty of use thats for sure.

  94. would love the playset for my beautiful little man. he’d have so much fun

  95. Leasha Sanigar Reply

    Pack 2 please, both kids love reading and this would be great for them 😉

  96. Sarah Phillips Reply

    I’d love Prize Pack #2 please, my kids are little bookworms.

  97. Both prizes are fantastic; They’d both be so much fun, My kids and I just can’t decide; so we’d love either one!

  98. Pack 2 for my little bookworm. Lovea to grabs her book and seat and read not bad for for a 2yr

  99. Stephanie Veljanovska Reply

    Prize Pack 2 my children love nothing more than story time and would love to have some special books about the octonauts

  100. They are both great, but my son would just love listening to the stories, so number 2 would be great

  101. amandagorton Reply

    Pack 1 please – The Octonauts Octopod Playset – I never underestimate the joy that comes with a new toy!

  102. St Krishelyn Smith Reply

    Prize pack 2 please. Story books, sticker books and a dinner set…..something for everyone there.

  103. Prize Pack 1 would be great, the girls would have great fun with it 🙂

  104. My octo-obessive would love prize pack 2 you can never have 2 many octonoauts books.

  105. Samantha Yep Reply

    We’d select prize pack number one,
    My girls would squeal it would be so much fun.
    They’d set up their own octo-pod playset,
    Inventing possible scenarios their best play yet.

  106. We’d select Prize Pack 1 – the Fisher-Price Octonauts Octopod Playset 🙂

  107. Michelle B Reply

    Prize Pack 2 – We LOVE the Octonauts so much in our house we’ve got a
    dedicated space with lots of the characters & their gups. The books
    would be a great take anywhere addition! 🙂

  108. Joanne Butler Reply

    Prize pack 2. We already have the octopod along with nearly every other octonaughts toy on the market. Two very keen little octonaughts here.

  109. Prize pack 2. Don’t know who’d be more excited my daughter or my husband!

  110. Pack 2, my nephew whos 5 and just starting prep would be totally in love with this pk.

  111. James Pizzey Reply

    pack 2 when my grand daughter visited us this was her favourite show we recorded it played it over and over she loved it

  112. Doug Dyson Reply

    prizes look awsome as my daughter is telling me as she leanes over my sholder

  113. I’d love Prize 1 please. Was hard to pick, they’re both really great!

  114. My little grand daughter would love this. What a beautiful prize for one very good lucky child

  115. Yes, everyone would love to win one of these fantastic prizes for their child, children or grandchildren, as there will be lots of enjoyment and hours of fun. Thanks for making competition available. Pa Max

  116. Karla Oleinikoff Reply

    Would love prize 2 please, the books would be awesome!

  117. Pack 1 – my son has a fantastic imagination and would love this!

  118. Kate Finlayson Reply

    My lil man is obsessed with books and Oconauts so prize pack 2 would make him squeal with delight! 🙂

  119. what a delight the Fisher-Price Octonauts Octopod Playset would bring will light up the kids faces

  120. Chloe Donahue Reply

    My son would go nuts for either prize but inthink he would like the playset the best. I cant seem to find any octonaughts toys where I live so winning this would be perfect! Thanks for the opportunity to win! !

  121. Rebecca Yangzon Reply

    We would love the first one fisher-price octopod playset my daughters love the Oconauts and what better way than role playing and using their imaginations just a magical prize thankyou

  122. Prize pack 2 Thankyou. No squabbles when there’s plenty to share!

  123. Nicky Moore Reply

    The second one because we love to snuggle up and read and all the kids love a story, no matter what age

  124. Pack 2. My 3yr old is book mad, I would love to add some octonaut books to his collection. When he wakes uo early books save my sanity as he will stay in bed looking at books, giving me at least an extra half hr in bed.

  125. Pack 1. My Grandsons LOVE Oconauts, they will enjoy playing and using their imagination.

  126. Pack 2, because if I have to read The Octonauts and the Decorator Crab one more time my head will implode.

  127. Tracey Ibbott Reply

    pack 2 – then be enough to go around in my family. So no fighting

  128. Pack 2, you can never start too early when it comes to quiet reading time with your children & it’s something we enjoy together.

  129. TanyaCrerar Reply

    I would love prize pack 2. Books that young kids can relate to and some fun at dinner time is a winner in my house.

  130. Pack 2 as my son already has pack 1 – he is Octonauts crazy and Dashi is his favourite – he has one book and reads it every night – he would smile to the moon and back (or should i see under the sea and back) with pack 2 🙂

  131. Pack 2. My girls would get better use out of the books, as they love reading.

  132. Brooke Billett Reply

    Pack 1 would be great. My 2 girls are just waiting for their 8yo cousin to stop playing with his…but its not happening!

  133. Pack 2 please, my daughter loves to eat so the dinner set will make her a very happy girl.

  134. Prize pack 1 definitely. It will keep the children entertained and happier more than ever 🙂

  135. Pack 2 please as I have been trying to buy one of those plate sets, it will make dinner time a whole lot easier when feeling my little ones “Captain Mark Barnacles & Lieutenant Adam Kwaszii” Thanks.

  136. Pack 2 would be great as my octonauts obsessed son got the octopod from father christmas!!

  137. Kate Marshall Reply

    Prize Pack 2 please my grandson would love all this stuff

  138. Juanita Munro Reply

    Prize pack 2, So we can get back to basics & read a little more & learn.

  139. Andrea Ponga-Morgan Reply

    Prize pack number 1 has been chosen by my Octonaut fan 🙂

  140. prize 2 as my daughter loves octonauts and loves books stickers etc

  141. Kate Galloway Reply

    Prize one as both my son and daughter love playing make believe Octonauts!

  142. Rebeccah Parry Reply

    pack 1 please – I think my 4 kids would have a blast with that and their daddy too 🙂

  143. Number 1, to replace our octopod we made out of milk bottles and yoghurt containers, so all the figurines have a home

  144. Claire H Simmons Reply

    pack 1 as the imagination of under water adventures and rescues would be amazing

  145. Naomie Nolan Reply

    Pack #2 as we love reading books and playing with stickers!

  146. Erin Vicki Pennell Reply

    Pack #1 please my son is a little fish we love water

  147. Sandra Malavisi Reply

    Prize pack two please. My son love the octonauts or as he calls them the “naughts”. And he is mad on books and stickers. The dinner set would be also useful cause he only eats his yogurt with his “naughts” spoon

  148. Goodness, I love both prize packs but I’d slightly prefer Pack 1. 🙂

  149. Pack 2 please. My son is obsessed with books so Octonauts books would be his favourite thing in the world!!!

  150. Kylie Clayton Reply

    Prize number 2 since our little man would love the books. Thank you.

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