Mum Has Wisdom Teeth Removed, Forgets She is a Mum of Four. Absolutely Hilarious!

As if having your wisdom teeth extracted isn’t already enough, imagine in all that post-dental-surgery anaesthetic haze, you seem to have travelled back in time to a place pre-kids. That was the reality for this woman whose husband had to break it to her that she was the mum of four children. Her reaction? HILARIOUS.

Mum has wisdom teeth removed, forgets she has children…

Fresh from her dental surgery and her first time under anaesthetic, Kat’s husband took the liberty of recording the drive home, which did not disappoint. “What’s that?” she asks her husband referring to the car seat in the backseat “these are the car seats for our children” he replies. Cue Kat’s clear shocked face and repeatedly muffled “WHAT?… WE HAVE A BABY?” with a mouthful of dental gauze.

“Hey look, this is our super cool van…”

wisdom teeth removal
Wisdom teeth removal be like: Children…what? Wait..WHAT? Source: Instagram

That was just the tip of the iceberg for poor high-as-a-kite Kat as her husband broke it to her that they in fact have FOUR babies and the car they’re driving in is indeed their van. Cue more “WHAT?” from Kat.

Kat uploads to Instagram for a few laughs… or thousands

Kat uploaded the videos of her hilarious hazy, post wisdom teeth removal surgery state to her Instagram account thinking they’d get a few laughs from her mates. What she didn’t expect was for them to go viral. And boy, did we all laugh with her as the videos clocked up thousands upon thousands of views.

Take a look at Kat’s quick clips below for a laugh and listen out for just how sweet and calm and reassuring her husband is with her while she learns the news!

Part 1: “I can’t breathe”


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Part 2: “Children… who’s that?”


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Part 3: “WE HAD A KID?”


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We love it all Kat – from the initial obvious confusion to asking where her beat-up Camry “the gold nugget” was from six years ago to the checking herself out and commenting “I look good” for having four kids.

Aaaaah all the laughs… this kind of reaction almost makes having your wisdom teeth out completely worth the pain for the sake of a giggle. But also makes you kind of wonder how much anaesthetic they gave Kat. Sheesh!

wisdom teeth
Four children? Those wisdom teeth got Kat real good! Source: Instagram

At-home update from Kat

The internet of course was in full force to ask some questions like why she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt and did her husband video her “meeting” her children once they got home. Kat does answer these questions rather comically in further reels but to cut to the chase, Kat does not know why her husband didn’t put her seatbelt on her and no, there’s no video of her meeting their children – they’d been traumatised enough.

“For those who are concerned, don’t worry, after a solid nap I remembered all four of my children, but not a minute of this car ride or conversation. 😂😂

Also, my husband wisely kept me away from the kids until I snapped out of it, to avoid traumatizing either the kids or myself. 😂😂”

Furthermore, the question was also asked “is she really that scared of her children?” Kat answered yes. #soblessed

Have you had your wisdom teeth out and have a hazy recovery story to share? Drop it in the comments below, we’d love to hear about it (and maybe share a giggle or two as well!).

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    She has her seatbelt on when one of the photos was taken.
    We don’t know at what stages these photos were actually taken.
    The first and last photos are the same. We don’t know whether or not the car is moving at those times.

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