Hack: How to Store Lettuce to Keep it Fresh for a Whole Month!

Hands up if lettuce is right up there with spinach leaves for things that die a slow and painful death in your fridge? WELL NO MORE. Prepare yourself for lettuce keeping sorcery – it can remain crisp for up to a WHOLE MONTH with this storage trick!

Food Blogger and TikToker, TasteGreatFoodie has shared a lettuce keeping hack that I’m quite sure is going to be a complete game changer for many of us.

No more food waste and throwing out limp, slimy lettuce – you just need a glass jar to get you on your way to keeping lettuce fresh for a month. YES, A MONTH.

how to store lettuce
MIND BLOWN. No sludgy brown lettuce in sight! Source: TikTok

The bigger the lettuce, the bigger the jar required, obvs. This Kmart 3L jar is a score at only $5! And remember this storage hack is for lettuces like your regular run-of-the-mill iceberg, baby cos, baby gem – lettuces with a core.

The food blogger and TikTok extraordinaire first showed the lettuce storage video on January 11, 2021, and then returned for an update a few weeks later on February 21, 2021, to reveal crisp lettuce emerging from the jar. MIND BLOWN.

What’s the trick to crispy lettuce?

First things first, you’re going to want to wash your lettuce leaves just to make sure you’re not storing any bugs, bacteria, mould or otherwise. No one wants that in their salad. Use a vegetable wash or vinegar and water mix.

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WHAT TO DO: Place the lettuce leaves in a glass jar and top with fresh water, completely submerging the lettuce leaves and seal the jar. Lama did say that her family ate the lettuce after 10 days of NOT changing the water with no drama, but ideally, you want to switch out this water every few days. Just tip it out and refill with fresh. Easy peasy.

Really truly?

It’s hard to believe, but it is in fact TRUE. Check out the update TikTok below to see and HEAR how the lettuce is still fresh over a month later. Crazy! Like Lama says, it’s a great hack if you’re heading away for a week or two or if you’re the only one who eats lettuce. No more food waste!

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Lettuce REALLY can be kept fresh for up to a month like this! And even if you don’t actually NEED to store lettuce for weeks on end, you can bet it will last longer than sitting on your fridge shelf slowly dying from dehydration and becoming wilted.

And let’s not forget the humble avocado…

The perfect partner in crime for lettuce is avocado. We’re ALWAYS wanting our avos to last longer as it’s a true crime to have to throw one of those suckers out. Keep avocado fresh for a whole week with this avocado hack or even freeze avocado if you’ve got too many to eat at once.

avocado hack
Source: Supplied

Glass jars keep MOST things fresher for longer

Remember this clever mum? She was ON TO IT when it comes to storing fresh produce in jars in the fridge – some with water, some without, with brilliant results. We spend SO much money buying food and we waste so much money and food by not storing it properly. It’s time to change those habits!

fridge organisation
Investing in fridge storage will make everything last longer! Source: Natalie Bronickis

What say you, have you made the plunge into transforming your fridge storage yet? It’s not just for aesthetics – it really does make a difference! What tips and tricks work for you and your family?

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