10 Simple Yet Hearty Winter Soup Recipes

Winter is here which means one thing – it’s soup season! The perfect Friday night dinner with crusty bread or weekday lunch packed hot in a Thermos, soup is one food that warms you from the inside out. Here are 10 of our favourite Winter Soup Recipes to try this season!

Soup can be a real secret weapon in the kitchen for getting extra veggies into kids’ bellies. If they’re not interested in trying soup because they can see slices of carrot or spinach, don’t be afraid to blend it up! Also, if on the flip side your little one ONLY wants to eat soup for every meal, that’s perfectly ok too. Add some shredded chicken into the mix for added protein. Mmmmmm, breakfast soup, yummy!

winter soup recipes
Nothing beats a bowl of piping hot soup to warm you up! Source: Canva

WINTER SOUP RECIPES TIP: Freeze soup in large ice cube trays like these budget-friendly Kmart Giant Ice Cube Trays for easy portion-appropriate defrosting. No need to defrost a litre of soup when you only need a cup! An excellent winter lunch meal planning idea, cook on the weekend and freeze for the week ahead. #SMART

10 Winter soup recipes to warm your belly

1. Pumpkin, turmeric and coconut soup

Loaded with delicious pumpkin and immunity-boosting turmeric, this pumpkin, turmeric and coconut soup recipe is SO good! Excellent for hungry teens, vegetarians and vegans there’s a sneaky pulse addition to keeping everyone’s bellies fuller for longer.

pumpkin winter soup recipes
Immunity boosting soup for the win! Source: Supplied

2. Chicken and coconut soup recipe

Your house will smell amazing once you start cooking this dish, the fresh Thai-inspired aromas from this chicken and coconut soup recipe will have you salivating! Not a fan of coriander? You can leave it out – we won’t judge!

winter soup recipes
With plenty of herbs and a coconut milk base, this soup is a Thai-inspired delight! Source: Mum’s Pantry

3. Slow-cooked pea and ham soup

Get the slow cooker out! In just THREE steps, this is one winter soup recipes you can put on before you leave for work, let it do its thing during the day and be ready to eat at dinnertime. It’s a slow-cooked pea and ham soup recipe for the dinner win!

Winter Soup Recipes
A ham hock delivers gorgeous flavours to this split pea soup. Source: Supplied

4. Vegetarian minestrone soup

A yummy, basic minestrone soup recipe – you can build this one up any way you like! Add more vegetables, beans or pasta – it’s up to you. Of course, it’s pretty good just as it is too!

Winter Soup Recipes
Packed full of hearty goodness, a minestrone winter soup recipes win! Source: Supplied

5. Mushroom and barley soup

If ever there were to be a King of soups, this mushroom and barley soup recipe is surely it. It’s of the hearty kind that will fill you with warm delicious comfort – from your belly to your boots – and is completely meat-free – a win for vegetarians.

Winter Soup Recipes
A King of winter heartiness, mushroom and barley soup! Source: Supplied

6. Chicken and corn soup recipe

We love a good chicken and corn soup recipe, especially in winter. A favourite for the whole family, we love the addition of curry powder in this recipe for even more added flavour!

Winter Soup Recipes
Chicken and corn soup – a popular fave! Source: Mum’s Pantry

7. Easy pea and bacon soup

Forget split peas, this easy pea and bacon soup recipe uses ACTUAL green peas – just look at that brilliant colour – perfect for Hulk fans. Topped with crispy bacon and crunchy croutons, amazing!

Winter Soup Recipes
Green soup for added strength! Source: Mum’s Pantry

8. Leek and potato soup

A silky smooth and sweet leek and potato soup recipe should be in everyone’s soup repertoire. Be sure to give this one a go!

Winter Soup Recipes
Who knew potatoes could taste THIS good? Source: Mum’s Pantry “Winter Soup Recipes”

9. Roasted pumpkin and carrot soup

Anyone who makes pumpkin soup should absolutely try using roast pumpkin pieces at least once – but fair warning, you’ll probably never go back to using raw pumpkin! This roasted pumpkin and carrot soup recipe include beautiful aromatic spices to lift it to a gorgeous, scrumptious level.

Winter Soup Recipes
Roasting your vegetables makes a delicious difference to soup flavours! Source: Mum’s Pantry

10. Cheat with mini cob soup bowls!

Of course, if you have no time to make your own soup, Woolworths has your back with their ranges of beautiful, fresh, chilled soups from as little as $2.50 a serve. Find them in the fridge section at your local Woolworths and don’t forget to add some fun by making mini soup cob bowls!

Winter Soup Recipes
Mini cobb loaves or bread rolls make EXCELLENT soup bowls! Source: Supplied

There you have it, 10 delicious belly-warming winter soup recipes to get you through the cold days and nights of winter. Be sure to tell us which one is your favourite!

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