14 Easy Vegetarian Meals Your Whole Family Will Love


There’s this HUGE misconception that dishes can’t be hearty, filling or delicious if they don’t contain a meat protein. Pulses, beans, tofu or plant-based meats are the unsung heroes of vegetarian meals and more often than not, people don’t even miss the meat at all!

When planning your family’s meals this week, try skipping the meat and opt for these delicious and easy vegetarian meals instead! Great for your body as well as your family’s grocery budget, cutting back on meat is a real money saver!

Ready to save some money and explore these healthy, easy vegetarian meals? Let’s do it!

14 Easy vegetarian meals the whole family will love

1. Spinach ricotta cannelloni

One of my family’s favourite easy vegetarian meals – spinach and ricotta cannelloni, be prepared to fight for the leftovers!

easy vegetarian meals, spinach ricotta cannelloni recipe
My family favourite and now yours too, spinach and ricotta cannelloni! Source: Supplied

2. Stuffed capsicums

In case you haven’t tried them roasted, stuffed capsicums take on a whole new delicious and sweet flavour profile when they’re baked! This recipe does have chorizo listed in the ingredients – leave it out to make it a delicious vegetarian dish.

easy vegetarian meals, stuffed capsicum recipe
Stuffed capsicums for the dinner win. Source: Supplied

3. Vegetarian cottage pie

Why not try a delicious cottage pie dinner this week to warm the bellies of your family? This delicious recipe uses plant-based protein and is meat-free, perfect for our vegetarian and vegan families. Yum!

easy vegetarian meals cottage pie recipe
A winning easy vegetarian meal using plant-based mince! Source: Supplied

4. Sweet potato and lentil shepherd’s pie

One meat-free, sweet potato laden shepherd’s pie coming right up! Deeeeeeeelicious!

easy vegetarian meals
Add some fibre to your diet with this sweet potato and lentil Shepherd’s Pie. Source: Supplied

5. Hearty mushroom and barley soup

A hearty soup with no trace of meat? You bet! Try this hearty mushroom and barley soup on for size.

easy vegetarian meals, winter soup recipe
The king of winter soups, mushroom and barley! Source: Supplied

6. Veggie sausage rolls

I hear what you’re saying “A meat-free sausage roll? Say what?”. Well yes, it is. And you had BETTER believe it tastes just like the real (meat-filled) deal!

easy vegetarian meals
A meat-free sausage roll? YOU BET. Source: Supplied

7. Air fryer cauliflower popcorn

The perfect air-fried bite-sized snack, this cauliflower popcorn will be a hit with the family and a regular on your side dish rotation!

easy vegetarian meals, popcorn cauliflower recipe
Yummy bite-sized cauliflower pops! Source: Supplied

8. Falafels

Perfect for salad and wraps, make up a batch of tasty falafels and munch on them the whole week through.

easy vegetarian meals, chickpeas recipe
Perfect for salads and wraps, falafels for the win! Source: Lexi Klaebe

9. Beetroot and quinoa burger

Who says you can’t enjoy a burger if you’re a vegetarian? This beetroot and quinoa burger hits traditional burgers out of the park!

easy vegetarian meals
An easy vegetarian meal idea, burgers! Source: Mum’s Pantry

10. Easy peasy pesto pasta

This brilliant basil pesto pasta is quick and easy to eat. Both healthy and nutritious, it can be eaten hot or cold, perfect for lunch the next day.

easy vegetarian meals
Pesto pasta is SO good, you won’t miss the meat one bit! Source: Mum’s Pantry

11. Chickpea and pumpkin fritters

From Mum’s Pantry, these chickpea and pumpkin fritters would make a sensational meatless Monday dish and would be yummy in a lunch box the next day.

easy vegetarian meals
Chickpeas bulk up fritters, just right. Source: Mum’s Pantry

12. Spinach and filo pie

Knock up a tray of spinach and filo pie for a vegetarian win! Perfect to pack in the lunch box or to take on a picnic, there’s plenty for everyone with this recipe.

easy vegetarian meals
Spinach sandwiched in golden flaky filo pastry, what’s not to love? Source: Mum’s Pantry

13. One-pan vegetarian Mexican enchiladas

De-constructed vegetarian one-pan Mexican enchiladas mean you can have all the fun and flavour of this favourite Mexican dish, without all the washing up. Winning!

easy vegetarian meals
Easy vegetarian meal idea for Mexican night! Source: Mum’s Pantry

14. Easy mac and cheese

Easy to make and easy to eat, mac and cheese pasta is always a winner winner, kid-pleasing dinner. This mac and cheese is also fab for putting in kids’ thermos containers for school lunches!

easy vegetarian meals
Even the kids can get in on the vegetarian fun with mac and cheese! Source: Mum’s Pantry

There you have it folks, 14 very delicious vegetarian dinner ideas for not only meat-free Monday, but every day of the week!

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