Fans In Uproar at AFL Plan to Halve Halftime


The AFL has come under fire this morning over plans to shorten the league’s half time break from 20 minutes to 10 minutes.

According to Fox Sports, the plan to halve AFL halftime has widespread support from AFL clubs. They argue it could keep players warm, reduce fatigue and decrease the rate of soft tissue injuries.

However, fans are unimpressed. They believe the move would make it harder to go to the toilet and to get food in the break.

If you’re at a live AFL match with kids – it would be near impossible. We all know how slow they can be.

Seven News reporter Nick McCallum lashed out at the proposal on Twitter today, pointing out the change could also threaten kids’ AFL Auskick halftime games.

While the AFL has not yet said what will happen to Auskick matches, social media reaction to the potential removal of kids’ half time games has been swift.

Seven News reporter Tom Browne suggested the AFL would keep Auskick, but potentially move the kids’ games to a different timeslot.

“There are plenty of opportunities. Pre-game. Postgame. I hardly think the kids are going to be disadvantaged if the play for example pre-game. Or do drills and goal kicking at quarter time,” Browne wrote on Twitter.

The comments have already been slammed as unworkable with one parent pointing out that it is “hard enough to wrangle 40 excited kids with ample time, under time pressure they would get no game time”.

Spoken like a true parent.

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