7 Yummy Lunch Box Ideas to Spruce Up Your Kids’ School Day Lunches


We’re a few weeks into school going back and if your lunch box game is starting to wane, you’re not alone. Here are some quick and delicious lunch box ideas and recipes to help add some delicious excitement to next week’s lunch. YUM!

Hands up if you’re feeling the lunch box grind already? I’m guilty of it myself. My kid declares he loves something (let’s say a ham and salad wrap, for example) and then I think, BOOM, winner – and proceed to give him that every. single. school. day . for. weeks. Or that could be just me. Awks. Nonetheless, give me all the lunch-box ideas, PLEASE.

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Avoid the lunchtime rut and rotate yummy lunch box ideas! Photo: Bigstock

AVOID THE LUNCH BOX RUT: Keeping the contents of your kids’ lunch box constantly changing is a sure-fire way to keep them interested AND EATING their school lunch (and not returning home with uneaten contents).

So how can you shake it up without it taking a huge chunk of time or money?

Grab your shopping list, there are some awesome ideas ahead!

7 Lunch box ideas to spruce up a school lunch!

1. Air Fryer Turkish Pizza Subs


Turkish bread pizza subs
An air fryer pizza for lunch? You bet!

You could make these Turkish Pizza Subs quickly in the air fryer, cut them into lunch box friendly sizes for younger kids (leave them big for big kids) and pack them to be eaten cold. You could even make them and freeze them in advance, pulling them out to defrost the night before.

2. BBQ Chicken Cold Rolls


BBQ chicken cold rolls recipe
Fancy pants and take next to no time, cold rolls are ace!

These BBQ chicken cold rolls look time-consuming but I assure you they’re not – just have everything prepped and ready to throw in, roll, wrap and you’re good to go.

Don’t forget to add a frozen drink bottle or ice pack to keep them cool!

3. Cheesy Pepperoni Pinwheels


pizza pinwheels
Lunch? Recess? Pinwheels are perfect ALL DAY LONG! Source: Mum’s Pantry

You can make a light meal or snack out of cheesy pepperoni pinwheels, no worries! Just add a few salad pieces alongside these tasty morsels and you have a meal!

Grab a few sheets to make them up on the weekend, wrap a handful at a time in plastic wrap and freeze them to pop in lunch boxes later.

4. Cheesy Bacon and Egg Muffins


Cheesy bacon and egg muffins
Packed with protein, cheesy bacon and egg muffins keep bellies feeling fuller for longer.

Not just awesome for breakfast, these cheesy bacon and egg muffins also make a brilliant recess snack. Full of protein, they keep bellies feeling fuller for longer, taking them through to lunchtime, no worries! You can freeze these too!

5. Stuffed Qukes® Lunch Box Ideas


lunch box ideas
Sick of bread? No worries, try baby cucumbers!

We have loads of cool as a baby cucumber lunch box ideas using these delicious stuffed Qukes® baby cucumbers! Crispy, cool and a really nice alternative to bread, pack these guys for a tasty lunchtime crunch.

6. Sausage Roll Maker Zucchini Slice


zucchini slice, lunch box ideas
The Sausage Roll Maker is PERFECT for making grip-friendly lunches for little hands.

A brilliant veggie smuggling recipe and another good reason to bust out your Kmart sausage roll maker. We give you Sausage Roll Maker Zucchini Slices bars!

This shape is really nice for small hands to grip AND they won’t fall apart in transit. Winning!

7. 3-Ingredient Apricot Balls


apricot balls recipe, lunch box ideas
Apricot balls are always a WINNER in the lunch box!

Who doesn’t love a little sweet treat in their lunch box? Make up a stash of these easy-peasy 3-ingredient apricot balls on the weekend and keep them in the freezer for longevity AND safekeeping from the prying eyes of pint-sized sweet tooths. They hit the spot just right!

There you have it, folks, seven yummy lunch box ideas and lunch-friendly recipes to rotate through the next school week and beyond.

How’s your lunch box game fairing? Have you established any firm favourite items? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear!

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