Meet the Baileys Chocolate Ripple Cake Taking the Internet by Storm

Children of the 80s and 90s will be familiar with the classic dessert of our childhood, the chocolate ripple cake. One mum has lifted the original recipe to delicious new heights with a bottle of Baileys and a couple of sensational add-ins, turning the ripple cake into a RIPPER OF A CAKE.

In a true, a sip for the cook and a sip for the dish style, Lauren of Create Bake Make fame has created a Baileys infused dessert which is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Baileys is added to the cream before being whipped into a deliciously submissive stiff cream to build the biscuit dessert with.

For anyone who loves Baileys, this dessert is FOR YOU!

Enter, the new holy grail of boozy adults-only classic desserts:


I mean, WOAH.

Because Baileys infused biscuits aren’t enough, when the biscuits are beautifully soft and have morphed into that magic, spongy cake texture – go right ahead and add crunchy Tim Tams and Maltesers to the top of the cream-covered cake log. YUM.

It must be noted that this dessert is best made WELL before you want to eat it. Make it the morning of the night you want to eat it – it needs at least four hours to soften and become cake-like.

Head to the supermarket to grab the main ingredients – Arnott’s Chocolate Ripple Biscuits and Tim Tams, Maltesers and cream. The remaining few ingredients you’ll likely have in your pantry (best check first). Don’t forget to swing by the bottle shop for the Baileys!

You can find the full Baileys chocolate ripple cake recipe at Create Make Bake.

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