Ugh, periods. So much discomfort, so much awkward rustling of tampon and pad packaging in public toilets. NOT ANY MORE. Friendlier on the environment, a whole lot comfier and you’ll never be caught short without a pad or tampon – period underwear is a real game-changer. Don’t just go with the flow, here’s our pick of the period underwear bunch that has really caught our eye!

What even IS period underwear?

If you’re new to the period underwear scene, prepare to have your mind – and comfort levels – blown! Period underwear is simply underwear that is designed to be worn just like your normal undies but with the ability to absorb your menstrual flow so that you can completely ditch wearing pads or tampons. Amazing, right?

First things first, you need to know your flow

Period underwear is an awesome investment – but one that you need to know your flow for before buying since most period underwear is sold in light absorbency, moderate absorbency or heavy absorbency categories. If you’re not sure, or if you’re buying in preparation for your daughter who has not yet started her period, ‘moderate absorbency’ is usually a pretty safe bet.

And of course, you can absolutely customise your period underwear collection to suit your period. Have a few pairs for lighter days, a few pairs for moderate days and a few pairs for heavier flow days or overnight. It’s completely up to you!

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It’s important to match your underwear to meet your activity too. Source: Bigstock

How often do you need to change your period underwear?

Generally speaking, if you’re wearing the right absorbency for your flow, you only need to change your period underwear every 10 to 12 hours which is easy to remember – pop on a fresh pair when you get dressed in the morning and again before you go to bed.

Without further ado, here is our fave period underwear picks you’ll need in your undies drawer this year!

Mum Central’s best period underwear picks of 2022

Bonds Bloody Comfy Period Undies

PRICE: $24.99
GOOD FOR: Fashionable period undies with superior comfort factor and good looks

bonds period underwear
Source: Bonds

Why should your period undies be any different to your regular undies? Introducing Bonds Bloody Comfy Period Undies, the period undies that are available in all your favourite Bonds undie shapes and four absorbency levels! You can love your Bonds every day of the month with Bonds Bloody Comfy Period Undies available in ultra-light, light, moderate and heavy absorbency levels.

No matter the style, a layered gusset draws moisture away to keep you feeling fresh and dry and odour-neutralising technology lasts wear after wear, wash after wash so you’ll always feel fresh as a daisy. Choose from signature Bonds prints, play it safe with classic nude, black and grey colours – or mix it up with both. Bonds Bloody Comfy Undies go with your flow so you can live leak-proof and worry-free. Washable, reusable, planet-friendly and comfy undies you WANT to wear!

Just’nCase Period Underwear

PRICE: From $33.90
WHERE TO BUY: Just’nCase by Confitex
GOOD FOR: Mums who want fancy pants as well as period-proof and pee-proof protection

Source: Just’nCase

Just’nCase multi-tasking absorbent underwear is not only awesome for your period (even heavy periods) but also for incontinence and pee leaks often associated with a weakened pelvic floor (thanks childbirth!). Made using Confitex’s patented textile technology, this period underwear line really performs like no other, with a market-leading absorbent fabric ticking the boxes of odour resistance, absorbency capacity (independently lab-verified to at least 10 tampons worth) with leakproof protection, all while retaining a slimline profile for comfort.

The midi-brief, full-brief and high cut styles are PERFECT for post-partum mum-tums and won’t ride down in your mum jeans – they stay in place, safe and secure the whole day through. We’re spoilt for choice with designs too with styles including fashionable lace inserts and sporty mesh fabrics. How cool – just because you have your period doesn’t mean you can’t have fancy undies! And unlike most other brands, Just’nCase Period Underwear can go in the tumble dryer! HUZZAH! TIP: Sign up for their email and you’ll get 10% off your first order.

Eco Period Cycle Saver Bundle 4 Pack & Wash Bag

PRICE: $109.90
WHERE TO BUY: Eco Period
GOOD FOR: Affordability and heavier periods – these folks were the first to produce super absorbency underwear!

ecoperiod period underwear
Source: EcoPeriod

Orgaknix period-proof underwear by Eco Period ticks ALL the boxes. They’re made from buttery soft and breathable organic cotton, are affordable and feature Eco Period’s signature EcoTech 4 Layer Technology, providing you with superior absorption of up to an impressive 60ml. The four layers and black lining provide stain, odour and leak protection for all women and teens, no matter their flow, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Eco Period underwear is available in a huge range of colours and prints and caters for all women, from girls’ size 8 to women’s size 24 and their favoured style. Choose from high waist briefs, classic bikini cut, boyleg, seamless and lace briefs, g-strings, dance and period swimwear, from light to super absorbency. The Cycle Saver Bundle is of amazing value where you can not only mix and match four Orgaknix styles but also included is a handy wash bag to help look after them too. Score!


Mynickerbot Period Underwear

PRICE: $16.95
WHERE TO BUY: Mynickerbot
GOOD FOR: A one-stop-shop of fun printed, seamless and stylish underwear for mums and teens!

period underwear
Source: Mynickerbot

If it’s a mix of fun and funky prints and classic coloured period underwear you want, Mynickerbot creates it all! You can shop for yourself and your daughter here with youth sizes available in sizes 8-14 and adult sizes from XXS-XXL. Love that these folks are putting the fun back into your period!

With a superb range of styles, many of which are made from organic cotton fabrics, the affordable Mynickerbot period undies are as comfy on your body as they are on your budget, with some styles as low as $8 a pair. Mynickernbot period underwear covers different levels of absorption, but most are a heavy absorbency that holds the same as what four tampons would and the ultra-absorbent full brief holds up to six tampons worth. It’s not just the briefs blowing our minds, the Mynickerbot G-string absorbs up to three tampons too. They also have high waisted and boyleg styles and update their range and tech constantly. Amazing, right? Simply wash, wear and repeat!

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Knicked Pre-Period Underwear

PRICE: $19.95
GOOD FOR: Confidence boosters created especially for tweens and teens!

Source: Knicked

Periods can be SO daunting for tweens and teens, no matter how prepared you try to be. Knicked pre-period underwear is the PERFECT product for the beginning stage of puberty. Designed to fit young girls and teens, Knicked pre-period undies look and feel just like regular undies but protect from discharge, light bladder leakage and the onset of a first period.

Knicked was also the first brand to produce period dancewear, heavy absorbency swimwear and up to the back waistband absorbency to give girls the security of knowing there will be no leaks or stained school uniforms, kicking period anxiety to the kerb and boosting confidence to get out there and get on with their day without fear!


Emflower Period Underwear

PRICE: $24.99
WHERE TO BUY: Emflower
GOOD FOR: Girls and women who want eco-minded comfort!

emflower period underwear
Source: Emflower

Your period might make you feel all sorts of discomfort, but it won’t be from your choice of period underwear with Emflower! Made from certified organic bamboo and cotton, these period underwear briefs are lightweight, extremely stretchy and super comfy against your skin. They’re pure comfort, and Emflower offer a 60-day money-back guarantee that you will love them!

Period friendly and earth-friendly too, Emflower use no nasty chemicals in their manufacturing process, even turning to plant dye to colour their organic fabric! Featuring advanced 4-layer technology to prevent leaks and odour, the classic bikini style is always a popular choice – and with proper care, they’ll stay in fantastic shape for up to 90 washes. Amazing! You can shop for yourself or for your daughter with the Emflower Period Underwear range available in black or beige colours and in sizes 8-12 kids and 6-20 adults.

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Finally, cleaning your period underwear is easy

Cleaning period underwear isn’t a big deal at all! Simply toss your worn period underwear into a laundry bag like a bra bag and pop them in a cold to 30°C (no hotter) temperature wash. It’s really that easy! The only things you need to remember are no hot water temperatures, no fabric softeners and no tumble drying.

So there you have it, folks, all of our best period underwear picks for 2022. No more tampons or bulky scrunched up pads with wayward wings. Period underwear is a complete game-changer, keeping you comfy, dry and secure with no leaking and no staining. So simple, so effective!

All that’s left to do is make sure your hot water bottle is primed and ready, your chocolate stash is full and with any luck, hormones are kept in check – the rest is covered.

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