If there’s one thing that we all need, no matter our age, it’s quality sleep. But crikey, it can be hard to get. We’ve plucked our pick of the bunch for best sleep products to help the whole family drift off to sleep, plus some amazing tips to ensure you’re setting yourself up for the best night’s sleep possible. Aaaahhhhh. Bliss.

We really do want everyone to have the best sleep they can – so here are some excellent sleep tips for everyone in the whole family:

Sleep tips for quality shut-eye!

  • Make your bedroom feel like a sleep sanctuary. Turn your sleep space into a restful oasis. This means no working or studying in your bedroom and try to minimise chaos and clutter to help give you a sense of calm upon crawling into bed.
  • Choose bedding that feels right for you. A supportive pillow for side sleepers goes a LONG way in getting a good night’s sleep. So too does a thin pillow for back sleepers. The weight of your quilt and blankets makes a difference too, so don’t skip over those details.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes. Alcohol may make you feel relaxed and sleepy but it won’t make for a good quality sleep. Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants that will keep you frustratingly awake!
  • Wind down! Take the time to relax before going to bed. Limit screen time, read a book, turn on a diffuser with a relaxing essential oil like lavender oil to help promote sleep. For young children, a bath and reading a book are great bedtime indicators. Definitely no excited chasey with Dad.
  • Daytime naps are a big NO for adults, but ok for kids. Unless you’re a child or unwell, avoid having a nap during the day – it will rob you of your ability to drift off easily at night. It’s perfectly fine for children to have naps up until they’re 5-years-old, their bodies use a LOT of energy!
  • Adopt a regular sleep pattern. Try to go to bed at around the same time in the evening and get up around the same time in the morning to adjust your body clock and develop good and lasting sleep habits. Check out below how much sleep you should be having and adjust your bedtime and wake time to suit!
  • Exercise and get outside! Exercise and being active during the day can contribute to better quality, deeper sleep at night. Exposure to natural light helps align and set your internal body clock (circadian rhythm) which helps develop sleep patterns so hop outside to play in the morning.

How much sleep do we need?

According to Healthline, how much sleep we generally need (and should aim for) changes with age. Babies need LOTS of sleep while teenagers don’t appear to need much at all, nor do your elderly parents. Check out the guideline below.

How much sleep do YOU need? Save this to your phone for a quick reference!

Without further ado, here’s 13 of the best sleep products to help everyone get some quality shut-eye!

Mum Central’s best sleep products of 2022

Eco Kids Mattress

PRICE: From $679 (single size)
GOOD FOR: A mattress made especially for growing kids!

Source: Eco Kids

If you ever wondered exactly what kind of mattress you should be putting your growing child on, wonder no more! Eco Kids Mattress is THE mattress of choice for your little one’s transition from cot to big bed! Not only is it endorsed by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, it was awarded ‘Best Kids Mattress’ two years in a row in 2021 and 2022 by BedBuyer.

Specifically designed to help children grow, the Eco Kids Mattress provides the best in support and comfort while utilising environmentally friendly, natural materials such as soft-to-touch, breathable bamboo so you can feel confident your child is having a truly healthy and restorative sleep.

The crew at Eco Kids know that kids need support for sleep (and sneaky bed jumping) so they’ve catered for both with the Chiro Flex ES spring system – a 60% stronger coil count than most kids’ mattresses. Kids won’t be falling out of bed with this mattress’ double-edged side supports either, perfect for when mum or dad need to squeeze in too. Do you know what else will make you sleep easy? Mattress delivery is FREE to your door, Australia-wide!

CODE: bestkidsmattress2022

Rockit Stroller Rocker

PRICE: $69.95
WHERE TO BUY: Sleep Tight Babies
GOOD FOR: Extending stroller naps for longer – an extra set of hands!

It’s not unusual for your bub to catch up on some extra sleep while you’re out and about with that gentle, rhythmic rocking of the stroller movement lulling them off to sleep. But what about when you stop walking? Enter the Rockit Stroller Rocker to the rocking rescue!

Mama, sit down and relax, Rockit has you covered by extending those stroller naps for longer. The completely portable Rockit device attaches with a bracket securely to ANY stroller or pram. It can rock your baby’s pram, just the same as you would, for a whole 30-minute cycle, helping your bub nod off and stay asleep for that little bit longer. In turn, it’ll free up both your hands to eat a hot meal, drink a hot coffee, unpack the shopping and more – the possibilities are endless!


Tommee Tippee Original Grobag All-Season Sleepbag

PRICE: $89.95
WHERE TO BUY: Tommee Tippee
GOOD FOR: A cost-saving streamlined sleeping bag system for babies and toddlers

Source: Tommee Tippee

Just one sleeping bag that adapts to ALL the seasons? YES PLEASE! A dream come true, Tommee Tippee to the rescue! From summer right through to winter, parents can now adjust the TOG rating of one sleeping bag to suit each season with the Tommee Tippee Original Grobag All-Season Sleepbag!

A time and cost-saving sleeping bag, there’s no need for parents to invest in various TOG sleeping bags any longer, this one does it ALL! A dual-tog sleeping bag featuring removable insulation, it will keep your little one safe and comfortable while sleeping, no matter the place or season. It’s clever design adjusts from a 2.5 TOG to a 1.0 TOG rating quickly and easily (even while baby sleeps!)

Designed for a great fit while sleeping, it fits beautifully thanks to the slim-fit through the chest with a roomy, hip-healthy bottom to allow your bub to adopt a natural ‘frog-legged’ sleeping position for correct hip development. Available in sizes to fit newborns to 3-year-olds, the Tommee Tippee Original Grobag All-Season Sleepbag makes comfy and snug sleeping all year round a cinch!

Cocoonababy Nest

PRICE: $299
WHERE TO BUY: The Stork Nest
GOOD FOR: Newborns and young babies learning to sleep

Source: The Stork Nest

If your baby loves to be snuggled while they sleep, Cocoonababy Nest is like having an extra set of arms to envelope them in so they can settle easily. Cocoonababy is an ergonomic cocoon designed for use in the cot during your baby’s first months, helping them to adapt smoothly to the outside world.

Being mindful of the medical recommendation that babies sleep on their back, the elongated semi-foetal position in the Cocoonababy Nest allows babies to feel snug and safe. This feeling of contentment encourages a better quality, longer sleep and the Cocoonababy Nest itself minimises the risk of ‘flat head’ syndrome, limits gastric reflux and reduces their involuntary jerky movements (that pesky startle reflex) which so often causes them to wake themselves.

The Cocconababy Nest includes an adjustable wedge that can be moved down as your baby grows, a machine washable fitted sheet as well as a handy machine-washable waterproof sheet. Sweet dreams, baby!

Oricom OBH650P Nursery Pal Skyview Baby Monitor With Cot Stand

PRICE: $449
WHERE TO BUY: Exclusive to Baby Bunting, find out more at Oricom
GOOD FOR: Excellent overhead baby monitor viewing with a super-easy set-up

Source: Oricom

Not sure exactly of the best viewing angle or set-up for a baby monitor in your nursery? Don’t panic, Oricom has made it REALLY easy for parents to get the perfect monitor placement spot on from the get-go. It’s nothing but a clear, unobstructed and overhead view of your sleeping baby with the new Oricom OBH650P Nursery Pal Skyview edition baby monitor.

You will be impressed with just how easy setting up and using the secure, adjustable cot stand with the baby monitor is. The Skyview will take away the headache of trying to sort out the best viewing angle for your little one. You can digitally pan, tilt and zoom right from overhead. Packed with amazing features, the Oricom OBH650P Nursery Pal Skyview baby monitor also has a room-temperature sensor, two-way talk communication, 7-colour night light and a whole lot of preloaded nature sounds, lullabies and bedside stories built-in.

Offering amazing peace of mind, this connected baby monitor is Wi-Fi enabled, which allows access to the HD camera feed from an external smartphone. There’s also a feature-rich HubbleClub for Partners App (so you can see the baby, track growth, log naps and more!). It’s all the amazing baby monitor technology your nursery needs, right at your fingertips.

Wooshh Sound Soother by Rockit

PRICE: $44.95
WHERE TO BUY: Sleep Tight Babies
GOOD FOR: Helping babies sleep soundly, anywhere

A brilliant sleep product you can take anywhere, the Wooshh provides all the comforting sounds to your baby’s nap spot, no matter where they are. The Wooshh helps babies sleep soundly, anywhere!

A small but mighty go-anywhere sound machine and baby shushing device, the USB charged Wooshh can run all night long if you want (or need) it to. Wooshh has eight brilliant in-built sounds to choose from including two calming water sounds – stream or heavy rain. Wooshh features a cleverly crafted womb sound, heartbeat and swooshing sounds designed to recreate the soothing familiar in utero environment your baby remembers. There’s even a NASA approved space sound in this little sound rocket!

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or be tossed in a baby bag, the super-cute Wooshh can stand, clip or strap onto most surfaces to deliver gorgeous sleep-inducing, comforting and soothing sounds for babies, older children and adults alike.


Pillow Talk Greenfirst Hypoallergenic Range

PRICE: Quilt from $139 (single bed)
WHERE TO BUY: Exclusive to Pillow Talk
GOOD FOR: Allergy sufferers who want a good night’s sleep!

Source: Pillow Talk

If you or your kids suffer from allergies, you definitely need to check out the Greenfirst range of bedding! Exclusive to Pillow Talk and created in France, Greenfirst is the most effective natural anti-dust mite treatment based on extracts of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils.

Allergy sufferers can confidently kit out their bed completely with the Greenfirst Hypoallergenic range. First lay down the Greenfirst Hypoallergenic Topper, a 1000gsm polyester ball fibre topper with a bamboo/cotton blend cover with maximum loft for a luxurious sleeping experience. Don’t forget the quilt! The Greenfirst Hypoallergenic Quilt is a luxury 400gsm down alternative microfibre quilt with cotton cover and piped gusset to maximise the loft and comfort, so you get the luxurious and lofty feather down look without the actual feathers or allergy symptoms.

Finally, top your freshly made bed off with fresh new Greenfirst Hypoallergenic Pillows. From baby and junior pillows to firm microfibre pillows, Greenfirst has the perfect cotton covered option for everyone to lay their head. Sweet dreams await!


Skip Hop Terra Cry-Activated Soother

PRICE: $99.95
WHERE TO BUY: The Stork Nest
GOOD FOR: Comforting baby at first cry with customised voice sound!

Source: The Stork Nest

Comforting baby comes naturally with Skip Hop’s Terra Cry-Activated Soother. Designed to automatically respond to your sweet baby’s cries, it features soothing melodies and sounds plus a voice recorder for the most special customised comfort. Yep, parents can record their very own shushing or soothing sound – often so powerful to help babies back to sleep before they wake up completely!

The gorgeous unit includes eight sounds and melodies – sleepy, lullaby, dreamer, cosy, pink noise, waves, ambient and rainforest. Proving it’s as smart as it is pretty, the cry-sensor can distinguish between cries and other sounds and will automatically shut off after 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Or you can even leave it on for continuous play and ongoing comfort throughout the night.

As if that level of comfort plus dazzling good looks weren’t already enough, this Skip Hop Terra-Cry Activated Soother is also the most beautiful nightlight. Choose from seven different coloured lights plus a multi-light show mode for a calming animated glow. There’s even an included room thermometer display right there in the unit so you can make sure your baby’s room temperature is just right. So comforting, so magic!

The Midnight Gang Bed Mates

PRICE: From $53.95 (single size)
WHERE TO BUY: The Midnight Gang
GOOD FOR: Managing bedwetting and protecting bedlinen and mattresses from accidents

Changing a wet bed from top to bottom in the middle of the night is no fun for anyone! The Midnight Gang Bed Mates really are your bedroom BFFs for anyone dealing with toilet training or managing bedwetting and incontinence issues. Bed Mates has you (and more importantly your bedding and mattress) covered!

Bed Mates are 100% plastic-free waterproof sheet protectors. They sit on top of a fitted sheet and are secured to the mattress using the ‘side wings’ that securely tuck underneath the mattress. If there’s an accident, simply whip the Bed Mate off to reveal the sheets underneath staying perfectly dry, allowing mum or dad and the child to get back to sleep with very minimal disruption.

Bed Mates look just like a regular sheet and not at all like a traditional bed-wetting product. Choose from a colourful print collection of Bed Mates to coordinate with your existing linen, fantastic for older children and adults who want to be discreet. Available in single to queen sizes, Bed Mates are also incredibly handy to have on hand when dreaded tummy bugs hit too!


Zed The Vibration Sleep Soother and Nightlight

PRICE: $56.95
WHERE TO BUY: Sleep Tight Babies
GOOD FOR: Tricking babies who love to sleep in the car!

If your baby sleeps like a dream in the car but not so much in their bed, you need Zed! No more driving around town for hours on end for your bub to catch up on their sleep, now you can bring all the comforting vibrations of a car ride to your little one’s bedside.

Designed to mimic the feeling of being in the car, simply place Zed at your baby’s feet and the soothing vibrations will ripple through the mattress, comforting them and encouraging them to enter into a deep sleep.

Zed is completely portable and can be used on any mattress. To make it as convincing as it can be for your little one, choose from six different calming vibration modes to match your family car (important if you drive a V8 and not an electric hatchback). You need not creep back in to turn it off, Zed automatically shuts off after an hour – so you can get back to sleep too. And when it’s not vibrating, enjoy Zed as a three-level nightlight with an all-night mode!


Shnuggle Moonlight Nightlight

PRICE: $59.95
WHERE TO BUY: The Stork Nest
GOOD FOR: Softly and cleverly lighting the way late at night

Source: The Stork Nest

A stylish and ever so practical nightlight for kids and adults alike, the Shnuggle Moonlight Nightlight is a sleep-friendly nightlight and a must-have for those with young children.

With two modes – parent and child, a room temperature sensing dock and an easy-on-the-eye design, this is one nightlight that’s just right to light up the night. Use it to check on baby, cast the perfect glow while you feed baby, escort kids on late-night toilet trips or even just be a comforting bedside light for older kids.

Featuring a temperature sensing dock, baby-safe low blue light and dimmable with three brightness levels to choose from, this light will be used long after its initial nursery debut. A simple nudge is all the Shnuggle Moonlight needs to activate and can even dim its glow to simulate sunset. It can remain on all night if you wish, is cool to the touch AND has a handy carry strap. Never step on Lego pieces in the dark again!

ergoPouch Window Blockout

PRICE: From $44.95 (2-pack)
WHERE TO BUY: ergoPouch
GOOD FOR: Darkening a bedroom easily and in an instant!

Source: ergoPouch

Perfect for kids and shift workers alike, the ergoPouch Window Blockout is a dream sleep product for darkening a room without having to commit to the expense of sun-blocking curtains. Completely reusable and using a static-cling to adhere to the glass, they’re also awesome for people renting their home. No sticky residue will be left on your windows, and the blind can be used again and again without losing its stickiness. Best of all, you can put them up and pull them off as often as you need. A must-have for stacking the odds of a sleep-in and tackling the Daylight Saving time switch!

Bosisto’s Sleep Aromatherapy

PRICE: From $12
WHERE TO BUY: Bosisto’s
GOOD FOR: Bringing a sense of calm to the bedroom

Source: Bosistos

Don’t underestimate the power of scent when heading off to bed … aromatherapy works wonders for calming the mind and lulling you off to sleep! Australian owned and crafted, Bosisto’s Sleep blend of lavender, chamomile and jojoba essential oils is available in a Sleep Oil to use with your diffuser, as Sleep Aroma Mist to lightly mist over your pillows and sheets or as a handy Sleep Roll-On to apply directly to your skin. Bosistos make it SO easy to create calm and tranquillity with this soothing essential oil sleep blend!

There you have it folks, all of our best sleep products for 2022. All that’s left to do is tuck yourself in, relax and drift off to the blissful land of nod!

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