Strong Sibling Sets: 30+ Adorably Awesome Names for Brothers


Welcoming another son to the tribe? Congrats! You are probably looking for a name that pairs perfectly with the big brother-to-be! Lucky for you, we’ve got a few great names for brothers that match well with popular picks. 

From dynamic duos and popular picks to trendy twosomes and strong sib sets, these boy sibling names go together like sausages and bread. 

If you’re after sibling names for sisters, check out our recent story on baby girl naming sets. 

Great names for brothers

Aiden and Liam

The AI/IA combo pairs beautifully together in these popular names. Both of them come with strong meanings too – Aiden means ‘little fire’ while Liam means ‘strong-willed warrior or protector’. Sounds like a perfect name for a doting big brother! 

Levi and Elias

Biblical naming sets have been common for ages. Noah, Jacob, Elijah, Samuel, Isaac – all great options for the boys in your family. But both Levi and Elias are newer to the naming game and aren’t quite as popular as some of the above options. A few more cute choices – Ezra and Jonah, which are also alive with Biblical vibes. 

Benjamin and Theodore

Benji and Theo! So flippin’ cute, right? Both names are great in the long-form and nickname form. LOVE! 

Silas and Sawyer

We love this baby boy naming set because both are woodsy – perfect for outdoor lovers, adventurous spirits and nature nuts. 

Silas means ‘man of the forest’ and Sawyer means ‘woodcutter’. Cute, right? There are a few more woodsy options to go with either name – Everest, Everett, Forest, Archer and Hunter, to name a few. Check them all out here. 

Oliver and Leo

Why do these names work together? Well, Oliver is the most popular baby boy name at the moment while Leo is the fastest rising baby name of last year. You might not be the first mum to scream out “Olly…Leo, time to go home” when at the playground though. I’m sure there are a few brothers out there with this sibling set. 

Asher and Theo

I know we’ve already mentioned Theo but we couldn’t help but put Asher and Theo together as well. Why? Both of these rising star baby boy names mean ‘blessed’. Ah, bless! 

Hudson and Hugo 

If you like matchy-matchy initials, then Hudson and Hugo are two cute picks. A few more H names to pair with these two? Harvey, Hunter or Harrison! Heck, if you have five boys, you can use them ALL! 

three happy young boys, siblings

River and Kai

Why do these names work? Well, both of them are very trendy these days. Another thing – both are connected to water, perfect for any beach-lovers out there. In Hawaiian, kai means “sea” and River is, well, a river. 

Henry and Arthur 

Two regal names that are consistently on the most popular list, Henry and Arthur are about as royal as they come. They have been around the block for hundreds of years too and come with that vintage charm. Other choices? Albert and William. 

Ethan and Mason 

Both with five letters and two syllables, the names Ethan and Mason flow lovely together. They are considered strong names with Ethan most often linked to the meaning “solid” and Mason coming from the surname Mason, which means “one who works with stone”. Nothing stronger than that! 

Charlie and Archie

Okay so they are a bit similar-sounding but what we like about this baby boy naming set is that they actually use the same letters (minus an extra L in Charlie). This is called an Anagram name and there are a few more names that do this – Blake and Kaleb and Alex and Axel, for example. 

second born trouble maker

August and Alex

August and Alex not only match in initial but they’re also both names of great leaders of the past – Caesar Augustus and Alexander the Great. If you don’t like the whole same initial thing, another option may be Lincoln, another great man in history. 

Luca and Arlo 

Four-letter baby names is considered one of the biggest trends of last year and both of these names are currently heading to the top of the charts. Luca sits at the 25th most popular baby boy name while Arlo is at 33.

Both of these names are predicted to break the top 20 this year. A few other four-letter names to match with either – Levi, Ezra, Jude or Finn

Titas and Roman

Titas and Roman are the heavy hitters in baby names. If Luisa from Encanto and The Rock had twin boys, they’d for sure be named Titas and Roman. Both are etched in mythology and come with the meaning “strength”. A few other names to add to this powerful pairing include Atlas and Titan

Dominic and Sebastian

Edgy and bold, both names may be tough for little ones to spell, but come with cute nicknames – Dom and Seb. Little partners in crime. 

What about you? Do you like any of our names for sibling brothers? Let us know what you named your boys?

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