It’s an Amazing Bluey Party for Deacon’s 3rd Birthday, For Real Life!

Aw cheese and crackers! It’s a big Bluey party and birthday celebration for Deacon and all of his lucky friends. Come join us as we explore the Bluey party magic and check out his beautiful party!

Bluey is still a firm favourite!

Australia’s favourite pup, Bluey, continues to be an absolute smash hit with preschoolers (and their parents) with families tuning into this sweet canine family and friends on TV as often as they can.

Of course, such obsession means there are plenty of Bluey-themed parties to be had, including Deacon’s very special Bluey 3rd birthday party! Lucky for us, Deacon’s mum, Neisha was only too happy to share the photos with us and spill the beans.

Bluey party
Deacon is ready to party, Bluey style! Source: Neisha Herbert

Party planning: it’s gotta be done

Deacon’s mum Neisha’s biggest tip for throwing a party for pint-sized people is to plan, plan and plan some more! Neisha wanted to be as inclusive as possible so she knew there would be many guests coming, which of course meant more things to organise. TIP: We have an amazing post on How to Plan the Perfect Bluey Birthday Party!

Neisha adds that you need to weigh up the stress of you doing DIY things for the party versus hiring someone who knows their stuff and has all the gear already. It’s good to have a balance – do what you can without making yourself overwhelmed and let someone else handle the rest. After all, you want to enjoy the party too!

Bluey party
Hiring enough tables and chairs for everyone to sit together is genius. Source: Neisha Herbert

Neisha hired the party chairs and tables from Partini Party Hire, the rest she sourced herself – which when you’re an event stylist, you have a lot up your sleeve already! We love how it came together, such a delight, for real life!

Cheese and crackers!

Forget an extensive party food table and the planning and work involved, Neisha nails individual catering, with each party guest receiving their very own little cardboard lunch box of party snack favourites. This is also a REALLY good idea for kids with allergies – they can enjoy dietary-specific loot without fear that they’ll choose something from a pooled lunch that they shouldn’t be eating.

“I love the food boxes. It’s way less waste and with the kids names on them it means they take them home at the end! “

Bluey party
Individual catering makes for less waste and is awesome for kids with food allergies! Source: Neisha Herbert

Cake pops, macs and lollipops … whackadoo!

Deacon’s birthday cake is of whackadoo proportions! Sporting a beautiful ombre blue and cream icing, it’s topped with delicious cake pops, macarons, lollipops and a scattering of blue-toned sprinkles. Bluey, Bingo and Chloe characters finish this cake off just beautifully – and let’s not forget those sweet blue balloon candles and birthday topper.

Bluey party
Whackadoo, what a brilliant Bluey party cake! Source: Neisha Herbert

Bluey party favours

Guests got to take home a sweet Bluey-themed package containing biscuits, bubbles, Play-doh, a feather, a wrist band, a colouring sheet and pencils, snacks and blowing bubbles.

Bluey party
Everyone takes home some Bluey loot. Source: Neisha Herbert

And let’s not forget also included is an all-important ‘keepy uppy’ balloon to play with later!

Bluey party
A keepy uppy balloon is a MUST. Source: Neisha Herbert

We can help you Bluey DIY!

We have some pretty epic how-to tutorials for crafting your own balloon garlands and Chiara arches for a backdrop and as for the cake – even if you’re not a baker, you could have a go at a Bluey-themed birthday cake hack. We also have this fab Bluey biscuit decorating guide – a perfect party activity!

mum central
Bluey biscuits, the best Bluey party activity EVER.

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