The Bogan Baby Names of 2021 are Out and They are as Cringy as You’d Expect


If you’re a little bit fancy and prefer your baby names on the posh side, then LOOK AWAY NOW because you’re entering Bogan territory. We’re talking bogan baby names that are horribly misspelled, made-up and inspired by everything from plastic to plants, even our lady parts. *Face palm.

Author Sabrina Rogers-Anderson has been sharing her top selection of bogan baby names for years now. She is an expert in the industry and even wrote a book about it back in 2017.

This year may be our all-time fave collection of bogan baby names though, with klassics like Chardae and Crash taking the crown this year. Other gems include Vagina, Summerbreeze and Fysh.


Trust us, these names are sure to leave you cringing for days to come but you CANNOT not read them, right? I mean, it’s a crime not to.

So, ladies and gents, raise your VBs and chardonnay (pronounced Cardonnay ya pack of Chunts) and let’s toast the class of bogan baby names of 2021. 

Top bogan baby names 2021 – girls

    1. Chardae
    2. Jenesis
    3. Mattel
    4. Sharlet
    5. Summerbreeze
    6. SaTiva
    7. Indica
    8. Trynyty
    9. Zacqueline
    10. Vagina

Really? You’re going with Vagina?


Top bogan baby names 2021 – boys

  1. Crash
  2. Fysh
  3. Heller
  4. Jacksin
  5. Kuba
  6. Legend
  7. Lundynn. That’s London. In case you were as confused as I was.
  8. Lynxx
  9. Pinches
  10. Rolexus.

Every year, I think my annual list will be the last because surely I’ve covered every bogan name in Australia. But every year, Aussie parents prove me wrong,” Sabrina Rogers-Anderson wrote on Kidspot.

2021 has brought us a few other crackers, such as siblings Metallica, Pantera and Slayer as well as Usain Bolt’s trio, Thunder Bolt, Olympia Lightning Bolt and Saint Leo Bolt. 

Check out last year’s top bogan names to see how the new crop compares.

Top bogan names 2020 

  1. Epik
  2. Foreverleigh
  3. Jinx
  4. T’Quilla
  5. Jaxtynn
  6. Pistol
  7. Honestee
  8. Taco
  9. Myson
  10. Tik
  11. Jezzabella
  12. Tygrrr
  13. Klowee
  14. Chaton
  15. Carryn

You can check out the full list here.

And in 2019…

Top bogan names 2019  

  1. Flannelle
  2. Bylan
  3. Wayve
  4. Cyncere
  5. Silverina
  6. Vaelen
  7. Tannyyn
  8. Jhamasyn
  9. Torianna-Sharisse
  10. Wyliumm
  11. Feebi
  12. Enivid
  13. Vejonica
  14. Sianna-Marrie
  15. Vin’nyla

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  1. Avatar of Mika

    Just to let you know Kuba, is a popular Polish name, nothing wrong with spelling. Who knows maybe a lot of Polish babies were born.

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