These Creative Spelling Baby Names are as Confusing as they Get

Get ready to cringe as you try to decipher what these names are actually meant to be!

We’ve uncovered some of the best of the worst when it comes to creative spelling baby names and, man alive, are these over-the-top! Random vowels. Crazy consonant combos. “Eigh”s or “yah”s thrown in for extra confusion? Yep. Yep. And yep.

If you love the English language, look away now! If not, proceed. We will warn you though – some of these names are tragedies. Or, should we say, tragedeighs.

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21 creative spelling baby names to attempt to decipher 

May the pronunciation gods be with you…

Klowee – Is this a child’s name of an acronym for a new reality TV show? Apparently, it’s meant to say “Chloe”.

Foreverleigh – This one comes with a funny backstory. A woman named her daughter Everleigh. Months later one of her very competitive friends one-upped her and named her daughter Foreverleigh. Nothing lasts forever. Except for this name.

Tiphaniee – Breakfast at Tiphaniee’s. Baykon and ehiggs anyone?

Samyuell – The angry equivalent to Samuel.

Skarlytt – Looking to skank up a perfectly pretty name? Here you go.

Ainjel – What Angel looks like. In hell.

Taiydaoum – This collection of vowels is meant to say “Tatum”. But why would you want to spell it normally when you can do this instead??

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Sabastchin – Yes, we get it. English is hard. But try again. This time without the “chin”.

Teighyiaha – Taya is such a nice name. Let’s add a bunch of random letters to it and see what happens.

Viktoriah – For those playing along at home, this is meant to say “Victoria”.

Jessieighkah –  The unpopular equivalent to “Jessica”.

Paizleigh – The perfect name to prove to everyone that yes, you are craizeigh.

Abcde – Pronounced, Ab-sid-dee. And the weirdest thing about it? It’s actually kind of popular. 328 girls were named Abcde in the United States between 1990 and 2014.

Lukiss – I kiss. You kiss. We all kiss Lukiss.

Xxzavier – So, technically this says. Ex-Ex-AY-VEE-ER. Ex-Ex for short perhaps?

A-A – Pronounced A-dash-A. Not to be confused with XX above.

Madaughx – Nope. Nothing mad about this.

Alyzzabeth – A name fit for a Kweene.

Mackquelliegha – Oh this is my favourite! 14 letters, none of which actually belong together except the qu. Which doesn’t belong in this name. Any guess what it actually says!

Ehyrnne – Tehribble.

Aughreighyah – When you love Game of Thrones but realise “Ayra” has become too popular.


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