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It’s the $12 Car Cup Holder TikTok Hack People are Going Wild For!

If your car is a literal thirst trap and you have no place to secure your huge emotional support water bottle, you need to see this TikTok viral car cup holder hack. It’s an absolute game-changer which will see you well hydrated and feeling very much like MacGyver, for under $12!

When it comes to buying a car we need to consider ALL of the things – fuel consumption, amount of seats, whether three car seats will fit across the back, will a pram fit in the boot and so on. But one thing we rarely think of is ‘will these cup holders fit my water bottle?‘ and that can lead to all sorts of drama. For real.

The car cup holder TikTok hack is a game-changer!

Finally, a clever Aussie has thought of the need to house water bottles of every size, putting water bottle discrimination to an end with an alarmingly simple car cup holder hack.

The original TikTok video has fetched a massive 3.4 million views and with good reason … EVERYONE wants to be able to drink from their favourite water bottle in their car. Maddy Ryan has blown up the internet over the New Year with her simple hack to extend the size of her car cup holder to fit her 1L Frank Green water bottle. It’s positively genius and at just $11.05, it’s also CHEAP.

Dammit, I bought the non-insulated bottle because it fit in a cup holder and I could’ve just gone to Bunnings to facilitate better bottle having?

See it for yourself below and prepare for your mind to be blown.

@maddyryan44 Work smarter not harder #frankgreen ♬ original sound – Maddy Ryan

To Bunnings, we go!

It’s probably a good thing that tradies take a bit of a break over the Christmas and New Year period because a good portion of Australia’s public is heading to Bunnings to buy up their stocks of pipe fittings so that they too can have their water bottle secured within arm’s reach.

You’ve single-handed ran this fitting out of stock at all the Bunnings near me 🤣🤣

The execution of the car cup holder hack couldn’t be easier. Head to the plumbing/pipe fittings aisle and find yourself a PVC DWV Taper Level Invert to slot into your car cup holder. The round pipe effectively becomes a cup holder extension and will house your drink bottle or giant travel cup – heck, you could even fill it with snacks if you wanted to. It really is that easy.

car cup holder tiktok hack
Make sure you measure up your car cup holder before purchasing! Source: TikTok

OMG where have you been all my life! I have a cupboard full of cups that won’t fit in my cup holder…you’re a genius!

It’s a good idea to take your water bottle with you to Bunnings and also know the measurements of your existing car cup holders. This will save you from buying a pipe fitting that’s the wrong size and having to make an awkward return at the service desk – just like Maddy had to. Woopsie.

car cup holder tiktok hack
The fit is PERFECTION. Source: TikTok

Maddy’s TikTok continues to go viral with countless people stitching her original video and making everyone’s start to 2023 a good one spent at Bunnings. For a good laugh, you should also watch Bunnings’ biggest fan, comedian Luke Donkin and his TikTok take on the trend. Hilarious!

@lukedonkinThe latest Bunnings hack for fitting emotional support bottles in your car cup holders♬ original sound – Luke Donkin

I mean, do the plumbers of Australia REALLY need them? Not according to Luke.

The TikTok hack that could save your life

Now before you go saying this is just another TikTok trend that no one needs, you might just want to stop and think for a minute. Not to be dramatic, but car accidents DO happen due to rogue water bottles within the car.

Unsecured drink bottles can roll into the driver’s footwell, unbeknown to the driver and either block the brake pedal or roll behind it, preventing the driver from braking effectively. Even if the driver does see the water bottle before it hits your pedals, it still needs to be retrieved which is also unsafe while driving.

It goes without saying, this simple Bunnings car cup holder hack is $12 well spent!

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