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What’s Your Sex Sign? Here’s How to Find Out

Most of us know our zodiac signs. You could be an Aries, Leo, Capricorn, Gemini or so forth. 

You are probably also familiar with which element you fall into (earth, water, air or fire, depending on your birthdate). Pisces, for example, is a water sign. 

But, did you know there’s such a thing as sex signs? And do you know yours?

It’s the start of a new year, so why not find out?

Sex signs explained

Like astrology, there are FOUR sex elements  – water, earth, air and fire, created by Dr. Jen Freed, a psychological astrologer and emotional education trainer, 

However, just because you’re a Gemini, doesn’t necessarily make you a water sex sign. Basically, your astrology zodiac sign and your sex sign don’t have much to do with one another.

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Instead, it’s more about what you bring to the table, sexually. 

Dr Freed outlines the various sex signs and how to tell which one you are. You will be able to identify with a few statements from every element, but you will have a dominant sign – the one that sounds the most like you. 

Here we break it down for you:

star signs - water


  • Need emotional connection to drive sexual energy 
  • Finds that the best sex is built on intimacy
  • Has been known to cry during or after sex
  • Likes to feel emotionally safe 
  • Enjoys the feeling of being ‘merged’ as one 
  • Loves intense eye contact 
  • Loves being listened to 
  • Sensitive and empathetic 

Water sexers are the emotional powerhouses who thrive on connection – it doesn’t matter if it’s slow, fast, upside down or in the back of a car, as long as there is emotion driving it. 

mum centralSEX SIGNS: AIR

  • Likes to talk about sex 
  • Enjoys dirty talk
  • Is known to get a little kinky at times
  • A bit of a rule breaker
  • Enjoys knowing the other person is satisfied
  • Likes erotica and sexting 
  • Loves openness and PDA 
  • Creative and adventurous, with a bit of humour thrown in

Air sexers are the confident, cool, creative, and chatters of the bunch. They love sex talk in the bedroom but also don’t mind discussing their sex lives at the dinner table. Their sexual energy comes from their communicative and creative spirit and they are always up for a bit of an adventure. 

mum centralSEX SIGNS: EARTH 

  • Enjoys going slow and taking their time
  • Likes to be touched everywhere
  • Prefers to have a plan in place over spontaneity
  • Likes a romantic setting 
  • Prefers to stick to a certain routine 
  • Enjoys cuddles before and after 
  • Thrives on connection, stability and closeness 
  • Prefers slow, steady and buildable energy
  • Enjoys massages and flirty dancing 
  • Masters of foreplay
  • Enjoy giving sexual advice to others 

Earth sexers are the master love makers – the ones that take their time and savour every moment. No quickies here – the best sexual encounters are premeditated and designed for pleasure. 

mum centralSEX SIGNS: FIRE

  • Prefers to be in control and initiate
  • Loves to use toys, role play, and wear costumes
  • Thrives on spontaneity 
  • Enjoys quickies and adventurous settings (public sex is a-ok).  
  • Doesn’t mind it rough 
  • Enjoys the thrill of being caught 
  • Loves dirty weekends away (if you can escape the kids!) 
  • Often gets too carried away by sex to focus on foreplay 

No surprise here – Fire sexers are fiery. They are bold, energetic and here for a good time, not necessarily a long one. They love to think outside the bedroom and are always up for a bit of kinky fun. 

Stars signs and parenting styles

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