Dad Recreates Photos with Daughter After Losing Wife in Car Crash

When Yesenia Alvarez was eight months pregnant she got into a car accident. She was hit by a drunk driver and killed. Against all odds, her daughter survived.

Before her death, Yesenia and her husband, James, decided on the name Adalyn. Adalyn never got a chance to know her mother but her dad has gone above and beyond to make sure his little girl knows just how wonderful her mum was.

Dad recreates photos, one year later 

Adalyn recently turned one and to celebrate the big day, he decided to recreate a photoshoot he and Yesenia did when she was heavily pregnant, just weeks before her fatal car accident.

dad recreates photos
Source: Instagram

With the help of photographer X&V Photography, he and Adalyn returned to the same spot for a father/daughter photoshoot that not only honours Yesenia but is also breaking hearts around the world.

The photos are strikingly similar with Adalyn dressed in a very sweet pink dress, the same hue as her mother’s maternity dress. Both girls have the same hair colour – a beautiful jet black and very similar features.

dad recreates photos with daughter
Like mother, like daughter. Two beautiful girls. Source: Instagram
dad recreates photos with daughter, one year after wife's death
Source: Instagram

Even James puts on the same outfit as he cuddles up to his sweet little girl. She’s clearly the apple of his eye!

dad recreates photoshoot
Source: Instagram
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‘If you could only see how much our daughter looks like you’

James shared the photos on his Instagram page alongside a touching tribute to his wife,

The day you left, I lost a part of me but gained that piece back when we had our daughter. We did our daughter’s first birthday photoshoot in honor of you, wifey. I hope God knows, he has an amazing angel.

You have protected us so far and will continue to do so.”

mum central
Source: Instagram

If you could only see how much our daughter looks like you, she’s gorgeous like you. You mean the world to me, Adalyn.

I know your mommy is watching over you and proud of you. How I wish I could switch with your mommy so she can have the opportunity to fall in love with you like I have. I didn’t set out to be a single father or widower.

mum central
Source: Instagram

I set out to be the best father I could be…And it hasn’t changed because giving up is not an option.”

mum central
Source: Instagram

What a touching tribute.

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