12 Reasons December Babies are Extra Amazing

It’s the busiest month of the year – the end of the school year, school holidays and So. Much. Christmas. Things. Concerts. Parties. Shopping. Planning. Prepping. Wrapping.

Well, mumma-to-be, you’re about to make it even busier by adding a baby to the mix! A massive congrats to you – my third bub was born 23 December, and, although the timing wasn’t super great with Christmas and all, there are plenty of joyful things about having a December baby.

So join us as we count down the reasons why December babies are awesome as you prepare to bring home your greatest gift of all.

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1. Fewer tantrums

Yep – December babies have fewer tantrums than most. Science confirms it! December babies tend to have a chilled out temperament, resulting in less irritability and bouts of rolling around on the floor in the toy section of Kmart. Score!

2. Unique birth dates 

The most common month for births in Australia is September with September 17th being the most popular birthday. But December babies? They have the rarest birthdates of all.

Of the top ten unique birth dates in Australia, six are in December – December 13, 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28 to be exact. Are you due on one of these dates?Christmas baby names for December babies

3. Christmas-themed newborn shoots 

You officially have an excuse to buy ALL the adorable Christmas-themed baby outfits and stage ridiculously OTT Christmas photoshoots for your newborn. Bring on the baby Santa hats, reindeer ears and fake snow!

4. Centennial club

December babies are also more likely to live to 100. We’re not sure why this is, but according to the  Journal of Aging Research, December-borns have a “significantly higher chance of surviving up to age 105-plus compared to the June-born.”

5. Generous nature 

Most December babies are Sagitarrius (December 1 to December 22) known for their kind and generous nature. Expect your little December tot to happily share his treats and toys. Well, sometimes.

6. Great travellers

Another common trait for Sagitarrius is the love of travel and exploring different cultures. This could mean your little one will happily board an airplane for an interstate or overseas (one day!) adventure. She may even eat the plane food without complaining that it tastes like mashed feet. Fingers crossed!

7. Early risers

Okay, so this may not be the greatest news for parents who like to sleep in, but December babies are known to wake up early. So you may be starting your days at 4am (soz).

The good news is December-borns are full of energy in the mornings so they will be in good spirits AND, when they are older, can make their own breakfasts and school lunches!

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8. Early bedtime too

Research also found that December babies enjoy going to bed early so that’s definitely a plus!

9. Disease-free

Here’s another scientific fact about December babies – researchers found that those born in December had no major disadvantages when it comes to contracting diseases.

10. Pretty bling

December’s birthstones are the super pretty turquoise, tanzanite, and zircon, all beautiful shades of blue.

11. Pretty name choices too 

In terms of December-themed baby names, there are plenty of great ones to choose from – Holly, Joy, Felix, Natalie, Ivy, Noelle are all great Christmasy-options.

Archer (for the Sagitarrius symbol) and Tanzan (for Tanzanite) are also pretty darned cute.

12. Social butterflies

December babies are also known to be outgoing and busy little bees that love to be out and about. Babies born during the festive season are all about the party – and a good thing too because December is sure to be extra busy from now on!

So there you go – 12 amazing things to look forward to when bringing home your little bundle of December Joy!

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