The SOS App Keeping Kids Safe and Parents Worry-Free – And It Doesn’t Cost a Cent!


Have a child or teen with a mobile phone? Then this new personal safety app is a must.

Not only will it give your children their own personal safety switch, but it allows you to connect with them instantly, no matter where they are.

We all want a fast, easy and secure way to keep our kids safe, without having to bring out the bubble wrap. Many parents are turning to smart watches with GPS which allow them to track their kids’ whereabouts.

Now Australian of the Year and suicide-prevention-advocate Jerry Farsoun has taken this idea one step further, designing an app that acts as a family SOS service. And for free.

Leelou personal safety app

The app, known as LEELOU will alert parents if their child is in danger anywhere in the world with incredibly detailed and precise information. If your child is feeling nervous or scared, they can simply activate the app, press a button and parents (plus up to four other guardians), will be alerted of his or her whereabouts.

But that’s not all. LEELOU also lets parents hear their child and their surrounds through a secure streaming audio. Whether your child is in a situation that has turned dangerous or there is an emergency, LEELOU makes it easy to stay connected and feel safe.

Suicide attempt inspires creation of app

LEELOU only launched this month but it is already making waves in the technological industry, especially with last month’s tragic death of bullied teen, Dolly Everett. If you have a tween or teen who has just started high school – and has their first mobile phone – this app might be just the technological piece of mind you’ve been looking for.

Jerry has spoken candidly about his own experience with attempted suicide, bullying and depression, which, he admits, all acted as a catalyst for his app. After an attempted suicide in 2007, Jerry realised how important it is to feel connected to someone, anyone, at all times.

The idea for LEELOU came to Jerry while he was flying his Powerchute over Cape York. “I started thinking – what would happen if my engine cut out right now, and I crashed?  How would people, anyone, know where to find me?  In a way, it was a life-changing moment that became the segue that sowed the seeds for LEELOU.”

Having that person on demand, only a button away, can make a massive difference, especially to someone who is feeling scared, lost, alone, vulnerable or is in danger in any way, shape or form.

Personal Safety is a right, not a privilege

The LEELOU privacy settings also make it Stalker Proof. This means there is no risk of people not on the Guardian list gaining access to the child’s whereabouts or providing yet another outlet for online bullies.

The app is free to download on both Android and Apple phones. Although right now LEELOU’s main feature is their SOS service, Jerry hopes to add more safety measures to the app in the future.

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