This Baby’s Reaction to Birth is a Total Mood and, YUP, We Get It

How’s this for a hilarious newborn birth photo?

Naked, scowling, and unimpressed with life, baby Isabela’s scorn says it all. Birth is clearly overrated and she’s already over it. And, hey, we really can’t blame her.

After all, this little bundle of ‘tude was born in 2020. And, well, if 2020 had a face, we reckon this is pretty much it.

Newborn’s epic reaction to being born

Like countless proud parents-to-be, Renato and Daiane Barbosa wanted to capture the birth of their first daughter. They hired photographer Rodrigo Kuntsmann and invited him into the birth suite to photograph the miracle of life unfolding on the operating table.

Everything went to plan and Isabela was born via C-section in Rio de Janeiro on 13 February 2020. Except, clearly, she’s not having a bar of it.

Put me back in until 2021. 

grumpy newborn birth photo - rodrigo kuntsmann
“I didn’t sign up for this shit.” Source: Rodrigo Kuntsmann

Rodrigo shared the now-viral newborn birth photo to his Facebook page. He explains,

“That strong expression on Isa’s face lasted a few seconds, and I filmed and photograph at the same time.”

But, a few seconds is all it took to catapult this adorable little baby to Facebook fame.

newborn baby picture
Beautiful family shot. Source: Rodrigo Kuntsmann

Rodrigo photographed plenty of sweet pics and Isa isn’t giving the stink eye in all of them. But those first birth pictures have to be our fave!

I mean, come on… if this isn’t the best reaction to birth, then I don’t know what is!

baby mood
If looks could kill, Source: Rodrigo Kuntsmann

It’s rare to get such expression from a newborn only seconds after birth. Definitely worth bringing this grumpy newborn birth photo out for her 21st!

More grumpy baby goodness 

This isn’t the first grumpy baby to capture our hearts. Check out this adorable little scowler who made headlines in December 2019.

mum central
Photo: Justine Tuhy Photography

And, if you need something to chuckle at today, these pics of newborns photoshopped with teeth, are sure to make you smile.

twin babies with teeth © Coffee Creek Studio by Amy Haehl
Source: Coffee Creek Studio

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