Due in July? Here’s What Science Says About July Babies


Who is welcoming a baby this month? July is a great month to do so!

Below are just a few reasons why babies born in July are leading the playground and are an absolute joy to bring into the world.

1. Top of the class

Babies born in July are the oldest in their classes as school grading starts on 1 July. So, even if your baby isn’t born at the start of the year, they still have the upper hand in the classroom.

2. Great astrology signs

Babies born in July are either Cancer (21 June to 22 July) or Leo (23 July to 22 August). Cancer babies are sensitive and nurturing while Leos are known for their fiery spirit and passionate souls.

3. Nature’s on their side

In terms of birthstones, July babies have a gem – the ruby! Not only a pretty gem for birthstone jewellery, but it’s also an adorable baby name. The birth flowers for July are the Larkspur and Water Lily. If you do like nature-themed baby names, Lark, Lily and Ruby are all cute ones to add to your list.

4. Health and happiness 

Babies born in July also have a leg up in the health department, according to a Columbia University Department of Medicine study. Researchers found that people born in July had a decreased overall “lifetime disease risk” than those born in other months. July babies had less risk of cardiovascular and reproductive disorders as well as ADHD, asthma and ear infections.

Science also suggests that babies born in July are more optimistic than those born at other times of the year.

5. Walking tall 

Put away the 00000. Babies born this month (as well as in June and August) have greater average birth weights. From there, they tend to go on to be taller than people born in other months.

6. Lucky left-handers

July babies are also more likely to be left-handed. Researchers hypothesise it has something to do with “seasonal variation in other factors such as the incidence of infectious agents”. Left-handed kids are destined for greatness – we’ve got a whole list of awesome things about left-handed babies!

7. Smartypants

July babies are known to be slightly on the know-it-all side. They’ve got plenty of ambition and ALL the answers. They are also not afraid to share their opinions on the playground.

8. Winter woolies

Bring on the adorable baby beanies, snuggly sleeping bags and adorable jumpers – your newborn gets to test out all the cute winter ware and you get to photograph them in each sweet piece.

9. Strong work ethic 

Independent and determined, your July baby will most likely want to do everything on his own, which means you’ll need plenty of patience. “Me do it” will be his favourite phrase. While this may be slightly frustrating in toddlerhood, it will be a big plus later in life!

10. Good self-control = Less tantrums!! 

A study out of Japan found that by the age of 18 months, babies born in July displayed more “effortful control”. This is a fancy way of saying they could regulate their emotions better which hopefully translates to less tantrums!

11. Little charmers

July-borns are known for their charming natures. They find joy and beauty in the small things which makes your daily adventures with them extra fun.

Other personality traits of July born babies include generosity, optimism and sympathy. What a lovely mixture! And what a lucky mumma you are to get to spend your days hanging out with your July bubba!

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