European Mega Market Kaufland Is Coming… to Adelaide

Look out Aldi, Costco, Coles and Woolies. European’s equivalent to Costco is coming down under.

If you like Costco, then you’re going to LURVE the news that Kaufland will set up its first Australian superstore right smack in the middle of Adelaide. That’s right – not Sydney. Not Melbourne. Adelaide!

So what is this Kaufland we speak of? It’s a ginormous superstore that sells pretty much everything, from groceries to electronics (yes, kind of like Costco). The typical store is around 15 times larger than your regular Aldi, so you can pretty much guarantee to get your daily 10,000 steps in just by hitting the shop.

Kaufland stocks up to 60,000 product lines with plenty of well-known brands and family faves. Plus the prices are pretty flippin’ affordable. And, unlike Costco, there isn’t a membership fee just to set foot in the mega market door.

Where is this superstore going to go?

While most big name stores tend to set their sights for Melbourne, Kaufland is heading to South Australia. So Adelaide readers, you get to be the first to give the new store a test drive.

mum central

Where in Adelaide, you ask? You know that massive block that fronts the Anzac Highway? About two kilometres from Adelaide CBD in the inner suburb of Forestville? That’s Kaufland’s new home. It’s a 36,000 square metre block which the company paid a cool $25 mill for.

Do we really need another mega market?

Damn straight we do! Kaufland has made it clear that they have wanted to expand into the Australian market for quite some time. The supermarket on steroids operates 1,230 stores in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Slovakia. But, as most superstores eventually do, Kaufland has decided to leave their comfort zone in Europe and bring the bargains down under.

“It’s the first property Kaufland has purchased in Australia,” CBRE associate director Ben Heritage saysi.

Kaufland is in direct competition with Aldi, and that’s good news for Aussie families who like a bargain. We say, bring it on! There’s plenty of shopping love to spend on both companies. And, if Costco happens to decide to open another store, we wouldn’t mind. Or Ikea for that matter.

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