Would You Agree that These are the Top 20 Most Trusted Brands in Australia?

When you think of your go-to brands, what names come to mind? Your local grocery store that never screws up your click ‘n collect order? Your favourite dishwashing detergent that you remember your mum also used to swear by when you were growing up?

This is something Australian Reader’s Digest was keen to find out. They’ve been conducting their Australia’s Most Trusted Brands survey for 22 years now through an independent market research agency. There are 72 categories in total and these are the top 20 most trusted brands this year.

The winning best brand of the year is… drum roll:

1. Band-Aid

Yep. Band-Aid has been a lifesaver for parents of daredevil children for 100 years now and they took home the crown for the Most Trusted Brand of the year. You go Band-Aid! Band-Aid is owned by Johnson & Johnson in America. 

2. Dettol

Hand santiser has become a massive must over the past two years so it makes sense that one of the leading names in sanitiser came out so high. Dettol isn’t owned by British company Reckitt Benckiser. They own a whole slew of popular (and trusted) brand names including Vanish, Nurofen and Strepsils.

3. Cancer Council Sunscreen

An Australian brand, Cancer Council makes the most trusted sunscreen on the market.

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4. Western Star

Butter guys. Yep. A butter company took home the fifth spot. Good ol’ trusting butter. At least it’s Australian butter, owned by an Australian company, Fonterra.

5. Bridgestone

Australia’s Most Trusted Tyre Brand for several years running, most Australians feel most safe on the roads with Bridgestone. Bridgestone is owned by a Japanese company.

6. Cadbury

There’s a lot to love and trust about chocolate and Cadbury is the top choice for sweet tooths. It’s currently owned by Mondelz International, one of Britain’s largest multinational companies.

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7. Bunnings Warehouse

Hooray, our first shop to make the list – Bunnings Warehouse takes out the 7th spot. And what’s not to love and trust about Australian-owned Bunnings? Where else can you go to get a tin of spray paint, a sausage and a brand new kitchen? Bunnings is owned by Wesfarmers who also owns a whole slew of other Aussie iconic stores – Coles, OfficeWorks, and Kmart.

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8. Dyson

When it comes to the power of the suck, Dyson comes out on top. Many assume that Dyson is Australian but it’s actually owned by a Singaporean company.

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9. Panadol

Headaches be gone! Panadol is another leading brand in the first-aid sector.

10. Woolworths

Well well well…. our most trusted supermarket appears to be Woolworths. Sorry, Coles! Woolies is owned by none other than the Australian Woolworths Group which also owns Big W.

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11. Royal Flying Doctor Service

We trust them with our lives. Literally. An Australian company that deserves ALL the accolades in our opinion.

12. Selleys 

For odd jobs around the house, the go-to brand is Selleys! Selleys is an Australian company too.

13. Dulux

Worth doing, worth Dulux. When it comes to painting our palaces, Dulux is our most trusted choice. While Dulux was an Australian brand, they are now owned by Japanese painting giant Nippon Paint Holdings.

14. Morning Fresh

When it comes to the best dishwashing liquid, the family fave is Morning Fresh. The trusted brand is owned by British company PZ Cussons.

15. Glen 20

Another trusted name in the world of cleaning products, Glen 20 is the go-to for disinfectants. It’s actually a Dettol product – Dettol Glen 20 and owned by Reckitt Benckiser too.

16. Victa

Victa is the name we trust for our lawns and, although technically owned by Briggs & Stratton (a US company), it’s still got some serious Aussie roots

17. Bosch

When buying DIY power tools, you wanna have a bit of faith in the company behind the tool. Bosch is the leading name for this. Bosch started in Germany and is owned by Robert Bosch GmbH.

18. Twinings

Time for tea? Then the go-to brand of choice is Twinings. The popular tea brand is owned by Associated British Foods which makes sense. After all, the British know their tea!

woman drinking tea

19. Comfort

When it comes to the fabric softener that people found more comforting, it’s Comfort! Comfort is owned by Unilever which originated in the UK.

20. Finish

Let’s finish our list with Finish. The trusted washing liquid is another name owned by Reckitt Benckiser.

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Speaking of Finish, check out this washing machine hack using Finish tablets. 

Do you agree with the Most Trusted Brands results – are these brands the ones you would pick?

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