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No Meat, No Shoes, No Bedtime: Mum’s Controversial Parenting Style Branded Abusive

Holistic parenting. It’s not a parenting style that works for everyone but it’s what works for 23-year-old mum Kaytlynn Green and her 31-year-old husband Jesse. The pair have two children – Olive, three and Felix, one.

Kaytlynn shared a few of her controversial parenting choices and admits that many people don’t agree with her methods including her decision to restrict certain foods, doctors’ visits and shoes.

“I practice what’s called holistic and respectful parenting, however people have told me I’m abusive for not allowing them to eat certain foods and tell me I don’t deserve to have children.

I know what I do isn’t classed as normal, but I didn’t think it was controversial. The hate doesn’t bother me, I’m very confident in my decisions and these people don’t understand that.” 

No medical intervention or doctor’s visits 

From the beginning of their parenting journey, Kaytlynn and Jesse knew they wanted to do things a bit differently. The pair opted for a ‘wild birth’ without medical intervention and decided against ultrasounds and checkups during pregnancy.

“I’m healthy so I didn’t fear anything would be wrong and I felt as if I’d know if something was wrong as I was so in tune when I was pregnant before, so it felt unnecessary,” she said. “If there was something wrong with my baby, such as a disability, it wouldn’t have changed what I did, I was always going to have the baby anyway.”

Even now, the kids don’t go to the doctors.

Luckily, they don’t really get sick, but if they did, I’d use holistic methods such as herbs, homeopathies, water and rest.” 

No bedtime or nap routine

Kaytlynn and Jesse co-sleep with the kids on two mattresses pushed together. They don’t have a set bedtime and simply let them fall asleep whenever they seem tired. Sometimes that may be 5pm, other times it’s 11pm. The kids also don’t follow a nap routine.

No stroller or pram

Kaytlynn also chose to only babywear for the first 12 months of both her children’s lives, refusing to push them in a pram or a trolley.

No daycare

They also don’t attend daycare or school. Kaytlynn ‘ home-schools’ the kids and admits the couple doesn’t “leave them.”

No animal products 

In terms of diet, Kaytlynn is a vegan and so are the children. The children don’t eat meat but they eat plenty of raw food, fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, sprouted grains, and legumes.

“We eat a whole-food plant-based diet and raise our kids that way too. They’ve been vegan since they were born. They’ve never had animal products. They don’t have processed sugar or packaged foods like Doritos and no fast food either.”

No shoes

The kids are also barefoot the majority of the time, which actually isn’t that unusual for many Australians, especially those living in the tropics.

Honestly, my three children rarely ever wear shoes, unless it’s to school or to the shops. My daughter even high jumps and long jumps shoe-less – she jumps better that way.

Despite sparking plenty of controversies online, Kaytlynn isn’t too concerned about what others have to say about her parenting choices. She’s been told she’s being “abusive” and “controversial”, but she remains grounded in her beliefs.

“Occasionally I’ll respond to comments, but sometimes I just ignore them. At the beginning, I’d always respond, but now I just delete and block people. I don’t need that kind of hate.”

The holistic parenting style – yes or no?

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