15 Pregnancy Announcements Where Pets Stole the Show

Aaaaaah fur kids. Swoon! It’s not uncommon for a couple to test the responsibility waters with a pet. And of course, they become a much-loved part of the family. So it’s only natural for those four-legged fur kids to join in on a pregnancy announcement.

Cue the cute!

Pregnancy announcements have become big business with many couples turning to social media to share their baby news with friends, family (and perfect strangers). A peruse of Instagram unearthed a bounty of adorable pregnancy announcements featuring fur family members.

But, it must be said – dogs are VERY well represented. Cats, birds and bunnies – it’s time to lift your game. Also, there was not one fish to be seen!

Here’s all the inspiration you need to create your own pregnancy announcement with the fur kids. Let us know if you do, we’d love to see!

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1. The lab results are in and the result is punny…

pregnancy announcements
Very punny. And look how hap-hap-happy he is! Source: Instagram /

2. Don’t look, it’s a surprise, Gus!

pregnancy announcements
Gus, you’re in for a BIG surprise! Source: Instagram @goldendoodle_gus

3. I’m sure he’s thrilled. He’s just holding it all in.

pregnancy announcements
Like, a REAL one! Source: Instagram @s3kerr

4. Pretty in pink, I’m getting a sister!

pregnancy announcements
Honestly, I think Lucy has been waiting all of her life for this moment. Source: Instagram @mshimberg

5. I’ll just be here. Waiting.

pregnancy announcements
Plz bring food, humans. Source: Instagram @tank.the.staffie

6. The three most adorable bears you ever did see

pregnancy announcements
Everybody say CHEESE! Source: Instagram @mika_and_me

7. Enjoy it while it lasts!

pregnancy announcements
I’ll share, promise! Source: Instagram @daviale1

8. So beautiful, we almost didn’t notice the ultrasound pics

pregnancy announcements
Do you see? Source: Instagram @sarahkempersphoto

9. The news is in the details. Guess what?

pregnancy announcements
But I AM sitting still Mum! Source: Instagram @rjportman21

10. Literally a big brother-to-be. HUGE.

pregnancy announcements
Huskys make the warmest brothers! Source: Instagram @melissajanesphotos

11. Naw, what a way to ring in the New Year!

pregnancy announcements
Let him have the spotlight. Source: Instagram @judi_novak_photography

12. Oh. My. HEART. A real life teddybear.

pregnancy announcements
I bet your baby brother is as cute as you! Source: Instagram @cavapoobrooks

13. Wait. What does this setup mean, Mum?

pregnancy announcements
Don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious….Source: Instagram @jessotis

14. I’m so happy I’ll show you my teef!

mum central
Smile and TEEEEEEF! Source: Instagram @alicemaymoir

15. Cats represent. ‘Nuff said.

mum central
Purrrrrfect. Source: Instagram @my_little_leopards

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