The Home Edit: The Sassy Team Delivering ALL the Organisation Tips

If there ever were two leaders of the home organisation pack, it HAS to be Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit fame. If you’re thinking who?, good news – you can totes binge-watch their new series on Netflix.

Move over Kondo, there are new (very organised) ladies in town

I know we were all SUPER excited by Marie Kondo, and rightly so. She gave us the permission we were looking for to cull all of the crap we’d been hanging on to for far too long with nothing more than a hug and a thank you.

But now what? Well, now you have to ORGANISE what remains and The Home Edit is just what we all need!

The Home Edit
Rainbow teabags. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. Source: Instagram

Organising is their JAM

Not even joking. It all started as a small business born from a hobby and a genuine LOVE for organising. Clea and Joanna (the organising enthusiasts behind The Home Edit) first made their mark on Instagram. And then in the past year or two, things turned crazy and blew up.

Celebrities lined up to have their homes organised by this dynamic dust-busting duo, they launched a book, products and merch and just recently, they starred in the Netflix series aptly named ‘Get Organised With The Home Edit’.

The Home Edit
Yes, I do want my garage to be this neat. Source: Instagram

Go hard or go home on Netflix

And yes, I binge-watched the ‘Get Organised With The Home Edit‘ series in one weekend and now my family is suitably scared for their belongings.

Not only are there PLENTY of awesome tips, but it’s also a fantastic nosey peek into homes of the likes of Khloe Kardashian and Eva Longoria. Take a look at the Netflix trailer below:

Trust the process because “it’s a system”

The Home Edit is a system, guys. If you watch the series, you’ll be reminded of this in every episode but for the sake of those who haven’t – I’ll list the system steps below:

  1. Set goals. Look at your space and decide what you want for it. How will it best work for you?
  2. The editing process. You need to edit your STUFF. Categorise your gear into piles of keep, donate, archive, move on, etc. Be honest with yourself.
  3. Categorise and zone. Put similar things together and create zones.
  4. Maximise your space. By using containers, you maximise your space. The system works better to not only use but to maintain.
  5. Maintenance mode. Belongings need constant editing and maintenance. Don’t just keep collecting and adding to piles!

And colour coding never goes astray either!

Start small – a drawer for instance and see how you go!

The Home Edit
Playroom GOALS. Source: Instagram
The Home Edit
Pantry porn. Rainbow style. Source: Instagram

You can’t have too many containers

While The Home Edit products aren’t available in Australia, you can find similar acrylic storage at Howards Storage World.

Head to Kmart for cheap and cheerful baskets and a host of other handy container goods to help put your most organised foot forward. Happy days!

The Home Edit
A s’mores station? Sign me up. Source: Instagram

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