Can You Guess the Most Popular Middle Names of 2019?

We know Olivia, Charlotte, Oliver and Jack are the most popular first names for babies born in Australia last year. But what about middle names?

Which monikers are reserved for that second name slot? According to the Sydney Morning Herald, these are the top 10 boys and girls’ middle names of last year.

Have you selected one for your kids?

Top girl middle names 

1. Rose – 1,715 parents picked the floral fave for their daughter’s middle name last year.  It’s classic, elegant, timeless and pairs well with a number of different sounds. What’s not to love?

2. Grace – Another elegant option, 1,098 parents went with Grace last year.

3. May – It’s short, sweet and a perfect option for babies born in May. Plus, like Rose and Grace, it’s also got that vintage name feel to it. Over 500 parents selected May last year.

4. Elizabeth – Not only it is one of the most popular first names of ALL time, but Elizabeth is also commonly used as a middle name.

5. Louise – While Louise isn’t a contender in the top 100 baby names, it does come in fifth on the middle name chart.

6. Mae – It’s nice, it’s different, it’s unusual. It’s pretty much just another way to spell ‘May’, but, hey, for 439 parents, it was the perfect pick.

7. Jane – Another timeless option, Jane goes well with heaps of different names, especially two and three-syllable monikers. Perhaps not Mary though…

8. Anne – Sweet and simple, Anne won the hearts of 385 parents last year.

9. Maree – Another one that we rarely hear for a first name is Maree. It pulled up in the 9th spot with 296 picks last year.

10. Marie – Finally, we have Marie. I swear I know at least 20 people, and not just babies, with the middle name Marie.

Top boy middle names

1. James – The cute name is number nine of the most popular first names list but it’s even more popular as a second name! 1745 parents opted for James for their son’s middle name last year.

2. John – Another old school fave, John was selected by 1009 parents last year.

3. William – Royal and vintage, Wiliam hit the middle name hot spot for 646 families.

4. Thomas – Another name that made both the top ten for first and middle names, Thomas is an all-around name winner.

5. Michael – It was the most popular name in the 80s for boys so it makes sense people are passing the moniker down to the next-gen.

6. Alexander – The only four-syllable middle name on the boys’ list, this moniker is a strong option.

7. David – Remember when every third male was named “Dave”? Well, it looks like the name has migrated to middle name territory.

8. George – Another royal contender, it’s hard NOT to think of the cheeky Prince whenever the name George comes up.

9. Robert – Robert is nowhere to be found on the top 100 baby names list but, hey, it works well for a middle name, according to 322 parents last year alone.

10. Joseph – We end with another J-contender – Joseph, which was selected by 302 families last year.

The bottom line?

When it comes to second names, classic choices clearly rule. Almost every single one of the top 20 middle names errs on the side of traditional. I guess parents are saving the trendy baby names for their main moniker.

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