Prince Philip. More than the Queen consort, he was a man who was a loyal husband, dad, grandfather and great grandfather who knew how to make his family – and indeed the world – smile.

Though the news of the Duke’s passing is undeniably terribly sad, I for one have loved seeing the photos of him at different ages and stages in his life.  I don’t imagine it was easy being married to the Queen and often the Commonwealth’s needs would be put before your own in that partnership. But for 74 years, Prince Philip was right by the side of Queen Elizabeth II.

A real love story for the ages.

And so, let’s take a look at some of the most amazing photos of Prince Philip which give us all the warm feels. What a wild ride he had in his 99 years and what a great legacy he leaves behind.

1. Looking happy as can be on their wedding day

Their smiles say it all, right? The then Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten married on the 20th November 1947 at Westminster Abbey.

Source: Instagram

2. Postcards from the honeymooners

Oh that sweet smugness, the exchange of looks. YES, newlyweds, we see you!

Prince Philip
Source: Instagram

3. The proudest papa

If this isn’t the proudest Dad, then I don’t know what is. The Queen and Duke together have four children, Charles, Prince of Wales, Anne, Princess Royal, Prince Andrew, Duke of York and Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex.

Source: Instagram

4. The fun and unfiltered Prince

Prince Philip on many occasions over the years was photographed having a laugh with leaders and dignitaries. He always appeared to genuinely love meeting new people. He also often said exactly what he was thinking, without any filter whatsoever. A trait that was glorious for us commoners but no doubt slightly worrying for the Royal Family. #LOL

Source: Instagram

5. Family photos be like…

We get it, nothing has changed and family photos aren’t any easier all of these years on. EVERYONE LOOK AT THE CAMERA. SMILE.

Prince Philip
Source: Instagram

6. Cheeky, very cheeky

The photo we had long believed to be a playful prank between the Queen and the Duke, he dressing up in a Palace Guard uniform and surprising her has since been debunked. The Queen’s giggle is in fact about a bee swarm infestation during an official ceremony. Funny, but not as funny as the pranking rumour. Believe what you want people!

Source: Instagram

7. Described as a legend by his grandchildren

While some families don’t have much to do with grandparents, it’s clear Prince Philip is very much a devoted grandfather. William, the Duke of Cambridge reportedly once said when asked to describe his grandfather, “one word – legend.” Princess Eugenie has also said in a documentary, “I think Grandpa is incredible…he really is strong and consistent. He’s been there for all these years, and I think he’s the rock, you know, for all of us.

Source: Instagram

8. The receiver of special gifts

I love this picture of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip reading a handmade card reportedly for them both by their great-grandchildren to celebrate their 73rd wedding anniversary. You just know there’s going to be blue sticker dots and a trail of glitter stuck to the Duke’s suit after this photo. Bless.

Source: Instagram

9. Old-school Uber for the great-grandies

Could there be any greater story for Prince George to tell his kinder mates than that of riding around palace grounds with his great-grandfather in his horse-drawn cart? We think not.

Prince Philip
Source: Instagram

10. Portrait of a Prince

Perhaps my favourite photo of Prince Philip, taken in 1990 at age 68. He cuts such a striking figure, looking very regal but also kind and gentle. Duke of Edinburgh, the man, the legend.

Prince Philip
Source: Instagram

Though we often saw the Duke somewhat in the shadow of the Queen as the Queen consort, it must be said Prince Philip did in fact lead a life also devoted to service. A committed man to the Commonwealth, since 1949 he has visited 70% of the world’s countries, visited 50 Commonwealth countries and made a HUGE 2200 solo visits, often to the most remote parts of the Commonwealth, and his last being at the age of 96.

His Royal Highness also held patronage appointments in 12 different countries from the Bahamas to Australia AND in 1956, foundered The Duke of Edinburgh’s Commonwealth Study Conferences, bringing together emerging leaders from across the Commonwealth. The conferences have continued to this day. Amazing effort and life work!

Additionally, Prince Philips passing was announced at 9 PM AEST on 9th April and he passed on the anniversary of the Queen Mother’s funeral (19 years ago) and on Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles’ 16th wedding anniversary. 

The number 9 is the number of Universal love, eternity, service to humanity, humanitarianism and the humanitarian, leading by positive example, philanthropy and the philanthropist, charity, self-sacrifice, selflessness, destiny, life purpose and generosity, and strength of character (amongst other things).

Did you notice this too?

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh died at age 99 on April 9, 2021. We know he will be missed by many, most of all his family and his beloved wife, Queen Elizabeth II. Some love lasts a lifetime, true love lasts forever. May he rest in peace.

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