The 2-in-1 Shower Cleaning Hack Which Will Rock Your Cleaning World


We’re all aware of the magical cleaning wizardry of a ‘magic eraser’ sponge, so when combined with a dishwasher tablet it becomes a hybrid force of cleaning nature.  It’s one shower cleaning hack that’s sure to have soap scum scared.

The shower is the WORST cleaning job. Of all the household chores, cleaning shower screens is the one that grinds my gears the most. And I’m not alone. Many of us were filled with renewed hope for clear shower glass when a fellow mum shared in Mums Who Clean Facebook group, this brilliantly easy 2-in-1 cleaning hack. So we decided to try it for ourselves. And it works! BRAVO MUMMA!!

shower cleaning hack
Shower glass look like this? NOT FOR MUCH LONGER! Source: Bigstock

The 2-in-1 shower cleaning hack

Combining two cleaning powerhouses – the humble dishwasher tablet and a magic eraser sponge – you know you’re in for an easy time of turning your shower screen from soapy to sensational.

So how does it work you ask? Simple. Take the cleaning sponge (with wizard-like properties) and cut a shallow hole out of it, the same size as the dishwashing tablet. Nest the dishwashing tablet within the hole, dampen it lightly, crank some cleaning music and get set to task rubbing it vigorously all over your shower screen before rinsing off.

The sponge and tablet will likely eventually disintegrate with all the friction, so switch it out for new ones when you need more to hang on to. Expect the areas close to the floor to require a bit of pressure and too – it’ll be SO worth it in the end!

Not just for the shower screen, use this modified cleaning sponge on the bath, the basin – all the bathroom surfaces!

mum centralThe budget-friendly shower cleaner

No more spending a truckload of cash on toxic smelling bathroom cleaning sprays and gels. Try this cheap as chips shower cleaning hack! It’s VERY budget-friendly – a pack of six (magic) Kmart cleaning sponges cost just $2 and a dishwasher tablet you’re likely to already have under your sink.

All that’s left to do is shower and enjoy seeing THROUGH the shower screen glass and not looking at the annoying soap scum build-up. Happy days!

Dishwasher tablets proving their worth once again

This isn’t the first time we’ve been solidly impressed by a dishwasher tablet. These guys have been proving their worth left, right and centre in recent times.

From cleaning oven doors to making white sneakers practically glow in the dark, only weeks ago we had 8 dishwasher tablet hacks to up your cleaning game.

And let’s not forget the washing machine cleaning hack. Eww.

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