Get ready to give this teacher ALL the applause! She has gone out of her way to create a classroom full of truck desks to makes the classroom fun, not scary. What a truckin’ awesome idea!

While most kids in Australia are back to school and it’s business as usual, this isn’t the case for our neighbours across the pond. In America, for example, kids are preparing to return to a very different classroom when school starts back up in September.

No playing. Masks all day. Six feet apart at all times. 

These are some of the rules put in place. How scary would that be for the kids? This is why we LOVE this idea below. 

Truck desks!!

Jennifer Birch Pierson, a kindergarten teacher from Texas got crafty with the glue gun and transformed boring old desks into adorable little trucks for her students. And socially distance approved too!

Such a cute idea! Source: Facebook

The desks stand two metres apart and desk shields are placed in front of each one, as required by the district’s guidelines. But each desk comes complete with a window (instead of a scary barrier), wheels and lights. Beep. Beep.

Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

The truck desks were shared on the Maybe I’ll Shower Today Facebook page and people are loving it! Rightfully so.

“Those students who enter her classroom may have a tough time, but clearly they are in the hands of a caring teacher, and that’s something all parents can be grateful for,” the post caption read.

“Thank you to the teachers, who, like Ms. Pierson, are doing all they can and more to make our kids feel safe and happy.”

The new way to school

I don’t know about you, but for us, returning to school after the pandemic was incredibly strange. It was stop, drop and pick up only and at allocated times. Parents are not permitted in the school area. No school assemblies. No sporting events. Rostered days on the playground equipment. No hugging. If my kids cough or sneeze, they could be sent home.

The learning is the same but the whole environment is just, well different.

For kids in America, it would be even stranger. And scarier! Kudos to Jennifer for helping transform this unknown into something friendly, warm and welcoming for the kids.

Know any teachers who would be willing to do this in their own classroom?

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