An Open Letter to Emma Wiggle from Australian Parents. We Cannot Thank You Enough


Parents across the world let out a collective “NOOOOOO” this morning when news hit that our beloved Emma Watkins is leaving The Wiggles.

Yep, ladies and gents. Emma Wiggle is retiring the yellow skivvy and passing the bow down to another bowtiful young woman – 16-year-old Tsehay Hawkins.

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The next star to wear the Yellow shirt will be Tsehay. Source: Supplied

Yes, the magic of the Yellow Wiggle will remain, but the spark that Emma brings to the screen is, well, it’s a little bit special, isn’t it? We have no doubt that Tsehay will continue the role with infectious energy and gusto, but we’re still sad to see such a special soul leave this iconic role.

Emma Wiggle
Emma will remain with The Wiggles this year only. Source: Instagram

Good luck Emma!

Emma is talented, bright, pretty, kind, smart, caring, and inclusive. She’s a beautiful dancer and has a stage presence that is hard to describe. She’s open, honest and wholesome – both on-screen and off.

But most of all, she’s an amazing role model to a generation of kiddies who adore her.

Emma Wiggle retires
The world is weeping today. Source: Instagram

And now she’s leaving us!

Yes, we are soooo happy for her and for the journey that lies ahead (she’s continuing her phD that incorporates her ongoing passion for sign language, dance and film editing). 

But we are also a teeny bit heartbroken.

So, to Emma, the first female Wiggle who brought a whole new light to a much-loved children’s show, we just want to say thank you.

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Thank you Emma! Source: Instagram

Thank you for everything you’ve done for our children.

You’ve taught them the importance of inclusivity and positivity.

You’ve taught them how a big smile can brighten anyone’s day. You’ve shared your passion for various languages, including sign language with a generation of children who otherwise wouldn’t know anything about this.

Not because we don’t want them to know, but simply because we don’t know it ourselves. To be honest, I now know how to count to ten in several languages simply because I’ve watched you do it on TV over and over and over again.

You’ve read to them, you’ve visited them, you’ve even hosted birthday parties for them.

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Emma hosted a virtual birthday party for kids who missed out due to COVID. Source: Supplied

You’ve taught our vibrant little boys and girls to dance, to sing and to express themselves with pride and passion.

You’ve taught them that the colour ‘yellow’ is synonymous with happiness, positivity and kindness. My daughter will forever think that “yellow” and “Emma” are the same. And I will gladly let her think this for as long as she wants.

mum central
Source: Instagram

Thank you for everything you’ve done for our sanity.

The moment you pirouette onto our TV screens, we can breathe a small sigh of relief and actually enjoy a coffee in peace. Possibly even unload the dishwasher while you Say the Dance and Do the Dance.

Sure, some of the songs are a bit hard to hear over and over again, but, hey, it’s no worse than that bald baby on CoComelon.

emma wiggle endometriosis
Source: Instagram

You’ve been a teacher, a dance instructor, a babysitter and a friend to our kids for 11 years now (nine years as Emma) and we really appreciate every single second you gave to our kids.

Thank you for everything you’ve shared.

Your ups and downs, wedding, divorce, engagements. You’ve shared it all with integrity and given fans a look into your private life, something that is never easy to do.

mum central
Emma and Lachy Wiggle released this photo on Instagram to announce their marriage split to fans in 2018. Source: Instagram

More so, thank you for sharing your struggle with endometritis.

The honesty you’ve given your fans has not only raised awareness for a condition so many women experience, but it has also helped raise awareness to the general public. Women are asking for help instead of suffering behind closed doors. This is thanks to you.

Emma Wiggle endometriosis
Source: Instagram

So, Emma, thanks for 11 years of good times.

Good songs. Good dances. Good vibes. Good lessons. It’s been a great 11 years and you’ve been a true gem.

But what do we tell the kids? 

And now, a quick word to the parents who, like me, are pretty sure we’re entering meltdown territory when our kids discover Emma will be leaving the show in 2022.

Stay calm. It’s gonna be okay. 

First and foremost, Emma has vowed to write back to every SINGLE FAN mail letter she receives. She even gave out her email address and if this isn’t the most amazing gesture, then I don’t know what is.

You can reach Emma here:

  • The Wiggles Office. PO Box 7873. Baulkham Hills BC, NSW 2153. Australia.
  • Email: he***@em*********.com

A new yellow wiggle!

Emma’s replacement – Tsehay (pronounced se-hi) is another beacon of light that I’m sure will leave our kids just as dazzled.

She’s already a star on The Wiggles new program, Fruit Salad TV and is also a super talented dancer with heaps of awards under her black and yellow belt.

We can also still get our Emma fix anytime as The Wiggles remains on YouTube. Phew.

Emma Wiggle replacement
The Fruit Salad TV crew. Source: Supplied

Tours planned for 2022

The Wiggles new crew is also heading on tour in early 2022 so you can soften the blow with tickets to a show.

They are playing in 17 different arenas across Australia, from Tassie all the way to Darwin. Tickets go on sale nationwide on October 22nd.

Check out the full dates below: 

  • Sat 5 Feb – Cairns Convention Centre (10am & 1pm show), QLD
  • Sun 6 Feb – Townsville Entertainment & Convention Centre (10am & 1pm show), QLD
  • Sat 12 Feb – Darwin Entertainment Centre (10am, 1pm & 4pm show), NT
  • Sat 19 Feb –  Hobart – MyState Bank Arena (10am & 1pm show), TAS
  • Sun 20 Feb – Launceston – Theatre North (10am, 1pm & 4pm show), TAS
  • Sat 12 Feb – Melbourne – Rod Laver Arena (10am & 1pm show), VIC                <
  • Sun 13 March – Melbourne – Rod Laver Arena (10am & 1pm show), VIC
  • Sat 2 April – Newcastle Entertainment Centre (10am & 1pm show), NSW
  • Sun 3 April – Wollongong Entertainment Centre (10am & 1pm show), NSW
  • Mon 4 April – Canberra Playhouse Theatre (10am,1pm & 4pm show), ACT
  • Tue 5 April – Canberra Playhouse Theatre (10am & 1pm show), ACT
  • Sat 9 April – Perth – RAC Arena (10am, 1pm show), WA
  • Sun 10 April – Perth – RAC Arena (10am, 1pm show), WA
  • Mon 11 April – Kalgoorlie Goldfields Art Centre (10am, 1pm show), WA
  • Sat 23 April – Sydney – Qudos Bank Arena (10am, 1pm & 4pm show), NSW
  • Sat 30 April – Brisbane Entertainment Centre (10am & 1pm show), QLD
  • Sat 7 May – Adelaide Entertainment Centre (1pm & 4pm show), SA

You can find out more about the tour and the new Yellow Wiggle at

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