TikTok Reveal Why Washing Machine Cleaning is Important: Dust Mites and Roundworms, Ewww!

It’s time to level up your washing machine cleaning folks. It’s not just enough to have a mould-free seal and a spick and span detergent drawer! TikTok reveals your washing machine is thriving with life where you possibly least expect it … in the FILTER.

Tiktok once again has blown my mind with the information it serves me, this time from Walt of oneminmicro. It’s fair to say, I’ll never look at my washing machine the same again – it’s perhaps not as clean as I thought.

The importance of washing machine cleaning

The TikTok clip shows Walt unclipping the washing machine filter which to be honest, looks a little nasty. Clutching a toothpick and a specimen jar, he takes a sample of the matted washing machine debris to take a closer look under a microscope and says “I promise you will be shocked by what you see next”.

And at this point for many viewers, their lives have already changed as we ask ourselves, wait, do washing machines have filters? Nonetheless, show us what you’ve got Walt.

washing machine cleaning
Washing machine cleaning: “You’ll be shocked by what you see next”. SHOW US WALT. Source: TikTok

The microscope horrifyingly reveals all

The microscope doesn’t lie and using this sample, Walt discovered life is THRIVING in washing machine filters. Flashing before our eyes in the TikTok were roundworms (nematodes), ciliates and other microscopic life Walt doesn’t even recognise – all living quite comfortably alongside a crazy amount of dust mites – all alive and well!

“These critters can cause allergies. They predominantly feed on skin cells and other organic matter… so if you have unexplained allergies, check that washing machine filter!”

This is super important to know, especially if you have someone in your family who has a dust mite allergy and does all that they can to try and keep allergens at bay – it’s likely time to add a detailed washing machine cleaning to your to-do list.

washing machine cleaning
File this under pets I didn’t know I had and likely the source of unknown allergies. Source: TikTok

The TikTok clip has been viewed more than 91,000 times and the comments of disbelief and wonderment have come thick and fast at Walt’s discovery.

This makes me want to live in a bubble 😳 Things in my life will never be clean enough for my anxiety!

Am I the only one cleaning the filter, after every wash? 😳🤪

Alright time to do a deep cleaning on my washing machine. 😭

Ewwwww! BRB. Have to go check my washer. 😁

oh dang nabbit… now I want to check mine, I have a dog so it would be extra gross!

You need to open that filter up and give it a scrub!!!! The lid itself flips open!

I stand with the people of TikTok on this one. Horrified at the discovery of life yet wondering where my washing machine filter is located exactly. If you want to see the creepy crawlies for yourself, watch the TikTok below!

@oneminmicro Replying to @Unknown Person After finding this, I dont want to play microscopes anymore 🤢 🤮 #microscope #filter #washingmachine #ohno #whoops #help ♬ Scary stories, horror footage, halloween sati – RYOpianoforte

Washing Machine Cleaning 101:  Clean the Filter!

Yes, yes they do. It’s recommended by Samsung that their washing machine filters be cleaned every six weeks. I imagine it would be a similar time frame across all washing machine manufacturers. WHO KNEW?!

Has my front loader washing machine filter seen the light of day since buying it a couple of YEARS ago? I’m thinking no. I’ve been so hell-bent on my washing machine cleaning involving drying the rubber door seal and cleaning the detergent drawer that I have completely skipped the filter.

And to be honest, I’m almost too scared to take a look at my filter, considering the amount of time that has passed. Could this possibly be a final resting place of bobby pins as a party house for millions of germs? I’ll take a look just as soon as I catch up on the next 54 loads of washing this week.

If you’re new to cleaning your washing machine, check out this disgusting washing machine hack you need!

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