Ugh, lock-down mums, we feel you.

It’s the COVID-19 lock-down mums who (up there with frontline workers) are among the real heroes of lockdown. Because MAN, parenting is a hard gig, especially in lockdown conditions.

The days are 654 hours long, the healthy diet has gone to sh*t and we find ourselves being the school teacher our kids (or ourselves) never asked for. We feel you mamas. We SEE you.

And so with all of this COVID-19 parenting sh*t storm in mind, here’s a timely reminder. You’re not alone in this on-again-off-again feeling of being down and out.

lock-down mummy
Source: Facebook / Marti WM

Martyna Wisniewska-Michalak (aka Marti W.M) a talented writer and illustrator has delivered a brilliant parody of her daughter’s favourite picture book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, with her version, ‘F*cking Tired Lock-Down Mummy’. And I’ve never related to anything more in my life.

The book depicts a week in the life of a lockdown mum to a tell-it-like-it-really-is tee. From cupcakes to pizza, no pants and nearly giving up on it all to being cocooned in a duvet burrito and emerging from a Netflix stupor, rejuvenated and ready to do it again the next week.

We love it and so do parents all over the world, many of them making comments and virtual head nodding on Marti’s Facebook page, where she shared her work. Check out all of the gorgeous illustrations and story-telling below!

lock-down mummy
F*cking Tired Lock-Down Mummy, a good read guaranteed. Source: Facebook / Marti WM
That familiar feeling of… DREAD. Source: Facebook / Marti WM
Sunday be like… Source: Facebook / Marti WM
No manslaughter today. #winning Source: Facebook / Marti WM
Monday with a pampered pooch. Source: Facebook / Marti WM
Tuesday spa treatments. Source: Facebook / Marti WM
Homeschooling DOES suck on Wednesday. Source: Facebook / Marti WM
lock-down mummy
Thursday food diary: cupcakes and wine. Source: Facebook / Marti WM
lock-down mummy
Friday night pizza party night. Source: Facebook / Marti WM
lock-down mummy
No pants Saturday and 6-month-old Christmas treats. Source: Facebook / Marti WM
lock-down mummy
Sunday ALL THE SCREEN TIME. Source: Facebook / Marti WM
lock-down mummy
No trespassing during the cocoon stage, please.Source: Facebook / Marti WM
lock-down mummy
YOU GOT THIS LOCK-DOWN MUMMY! Source: Facebook / Marti WM
lock-down mummy
Source: Facebook / Marti WM

While F*cking Tired Lock-Down Mummy isn’t available in print form, you can show writer and author Marti your appreciation and support with buying her a cuppa. A beautiful new green leaf for this lock-down mummy, if you will!

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